Manifold - For The Octatrack (iOS App)


Hi, sorry if this has already been asked.

Is there a way to randomize parameters on one than more track at a time?



Yes. If you are in Parameter Mode (“P”), you can enable LINK. Any dial movements will affect all tracks. This includes dial Reset (Double-Tap) and dial Randomize (Triple-Tap).


Thanks a lot for this amazing tool!


Just wondering, is the slice triggering mode working in the current version? Is it possible to map an external controller to trigger the slices? Can’t tell from the current app description.

Just bought an OT and would love to use my little MPD218 controller, and use Manifold to filter incoming notes to trigger OT slices.

Also, +1 for being able to select which midi ports for input and output. I’ve got an ICA4+ with a whole bunch of MIDI devices connected.

Pretty sure I’ll end up getting this app soon enough in any case, but as I’m only learning the basics of the OT, I can’t quite picture how else I’d use it yet - though playing slices on an external controller would = instabuy for sure. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I need to do selectable MIDI ports next.

The only thing the app receives are the parameter CC’s it expects from the OT. People have asked for external control of the morphing sliders and slices, but that will have to come after selectable ports.


That makes sense. Thanks for the reply. I’ll read up a bit more and probably get the app for the other functionality soon. Those features would be awesome though!


Just to pop up again and say this app is amazing. Playing with it again and taking time to read the guide :thup: :thup:


Sick! Thanks for posting


Hey Mr Kohler
Nice app, just bought it from the app store!
Lately I’ve been powering on again my OT Mk1.
I tried long time ago to make an iPad lemur template. Left it unfinished but pretty much included anything form the audio midi side of OT. It should still be in the downloads of the lemur user area(user name kraftf). Check it out maybe you can get some ideas for Manifold.

  1. Will there be selectable midi outs?
  2. Is the 6 scenes the maximum Manifold can store. No chance to increase them? I know we can store them as scenes directly on the OT but sometimes things cannot be replicated. For example if you mess with the start parameter which is plocked on a seq track and make a scene on OT then start will be constant when a scene is selected.
  3. Will you touch the midi sequencer side in the future?
    4)when will the next update be available?

  • I will do a superficial UI / optimization update in the next week then start the MIDI Ports update
  • Those 6 Snapshots are an arbitrary limit. When I redo the UI there might be space to add more
  • The OT doesn’t support sysex, so there is no way to program the sequencer. OctaEdit does this because it works offline on the contents of the CFCard


NO I mean controlling the midi sequencer parameters from midi(Note,Vel, Length, Arp, etc…) not the programming of the sequencer.

Ok thanks and keep up the good work.
P.S. Why the slices page has only 60 slices instead of 64?


60 slices is a bug, oops :[


Its nice an symmetrical on the GUI but yes its a bug!


I fixed it and am making minor adjustments to other elements, so a new build should be out early next week.


Forgot to say I would like to see a lot more. 16 at least and of course the ability to save and load presets.


happy the 60 slices is getting fixed - I was getting overly hung-up on my missing 4 because I usually put a few of my favourites at the end there

good work all round!


There will be 12 snapshots in the next update (there is no UI room for more), but when I add Presets you will be able to save those Snapshots as well.

So, early next week will be a minor UI refresh, bug fixes, and the Snapshot update. After that I will start the Presets and MIDI Ports request. Another thing I want to revisit is adding another Mode that deals with the Pickup Machines. I haven’t done it because I haven’t really used my OT since I bought it (oops)…I’ve moved to over to Eurorack land and haven’t integrated the OT with it yet.

Any other suggestions?


Noob question , would this app pretty much do what the launchcontrol xl calc script would ? Obviously via touch on the iPad . Looking at ease of use re performance when I get into my new OT, thanks .


Just bought the app, about to jump in. Awesome that it exists.

Looking forward to the upcoming update.

And definitely still hoping for the ability to play slices using an external pad controller. This would be the killer feature I’d say.


@mekohler, Are there any videos to see your app in action?