Manifold - For The Octatrack (iOS App)


sry for delay.


My model is A1584 Version 12.14 (16D57)


btw, noticed you also had an app for the rythm mkII so picked that up, it looks good n both air, and pro versions.

As a GUI designer; if I could make 1 recommendation, the text above the knobs could be reduced to 10 or 11 px, if you are using some other pixel density measurement reduce it by 25%… The ui is very crammed, adjusting the font size will help clean that up. If you are on github, I am glad to help with gui tasks.


For some reason the app isn’t detecting your screen size and is failing to update the UI constraints. This is my only app written in swift so I’m not sure what the issue is :thinking:. I don’t have a 12" iPad, but it looks fine in all of the simulators.

Are you referring to the text size of the parameter values or the parameter names on the knobs? I can adjust those. I think there should be more spacing between the UI components in the “P” mode as well.

Do you have display Zoom enabled under your iOS settings -> general -> accessibility? The screenshot you posted has a weird resolution that doesn’t match any real iPad (maybe you took a picture of the screen instead)

I PM’d you to try to resolve the issue

Does anyone else see this issue on 12" iPads?


Not really sure how this happened but my ipad was zoomed in under display but not under accessibility. I had to reset my ipad, and it looks ok now.


Good to hear :grimacing:

The UI spacing and fonts will be improved this week.


I’m not sure this has been asked…Or maybe it is already and I missed it…

But is it possible to make your app(s) MIDI controllable? For example using Ribn to modulate your Modulation page?


Yeah it’s on the list. I’m working on selectable MIDI Ports this weekend, so that’s when I will start to implement it.


Amazing. Thank you. That will be a ball.


Update Out:

  • UI Updates and bug fixes

I know I’m behind on the selectable ports, some other commitments got in the way :scream:


Great App! Hoping for updates


Hi, a bit late to the party. Just got my Octatrack, I’ve only it for backing tracks so far, but now I’m trying to figure out how to automate looping so I can ditch my looper pedal. I’m primarily a guitarist so mostly I need hands free operation once a track starts I’ve seen that a midi foot switch can trigger pickup machines, but I’m hoping to get something more ‘fire and forget’. I’m wondering if the midi implementation on the Octatrack is capable of supporting something like ? I haven’t tried Manifold yet so not sure if that kind of workflow would fit the app or whether a fresh start would be needed? I’d use zenaudio itself, but I don’t really want to have to add a computer to the live rig. Any thoughts appreciated as I’m still ramping up with the Octatrack.


@mekohler Just bought Manifold, it’s really a very usefull addition for controlling the Octatrack.

How are doing with the selectable MIDI Ports? Making progress?


@mekohler long time not seeing you here. Hope all is well?


Hi hi, taking a bit of a digital break. I will resume coding and such in the summer :o


Enjoy your digital break. btw…it is already summer here :wink: