Manifold - For The Octatrack (iOS App)


Can I just double check that this app doesn’t create/send pattern data like Collider does for Rytm?
Thank you…


It doesn’t, but only because the OT doesn’t support any sysex messages…one of the reasons I haven’t used my OT much lately. If they did implement pattern sysex, then I would port over all of the sequencer features from Collider.


Thanks, I went to the beginning of the thread, not read it in a while! I remember now about the sysex, real shame!
Anyways I’ll grab this soon as I can randomise patterns using another sequencer, just would have been the icing on the cake!

Thanks for everything @mekohler!


Yeah, pattern sysex on the OT would be a game changer.


In case you want to take a look, here it is, OTC 1.0 for Reaktor 5:


Hi all, anyone tried integrating OT + Manifold into a session where OT is master clock/sequencing a number of iOS synths? I’m relatively new to iOS; I’m guessing use Audiobus to send to Manifold and another instance of AB to AUM hosting the synths.

Would be interested to hear more about experiences with this app. I undertsand it first and foremost as an intelligent randomizer. Does the morphing do anything that can’t be done with scenes?


Not sure how people are using it, but it’s more of an idea generator. Once I get something I like I usually go to the hardware and work more exactly on it.

This weeks update will be a much needed UI refresh, then I will tackle the Scene Creator and the ability to specify which MIDI interfaces to connect to. Right now it just sends to all interfaces, which is not ideal for many people.

You can always hold down your Scene buttons on the OT while Manifold sends CC’s to create scenes, btw.


Thanks for the reply. Is it possible to automate the modulation controls in the app with external midi cc’s? Ability to use ccs from iOS apps to do this would be radical! Good to hear you’re working on updates.


Not currently, but a good idea…I will add it to the list.


Wow, that would be truely ace! There are a number of midi lfos, step seqs that would be great for sequencing the app’s modulators. It could make the app really useful for live purposes with the Octatrack.

To be honest, I’ve yet to control the OT audio tracks from external midi sources, and I’ve a lot to explore with iOS + Ocatrack pairing - like using lfos and step seqs to sequence the crossfader, scenes etc But it looks like Manifold also has great potential as iOS + Octatrack midi manager and performance controller.




Mekohler, I have another hopeful request: LFO designer! Like many, I find the LFO designer page very fidly. Being able to draw them on iPad would be ace!


The OT only allows certain things to be controlled by MIDI (back of the manual)…I don’t have access to the LFO designer, and many other settings :frowning:

If it supported sysex of Patterns / Project I would be able to add more features like in my Rytm app


Of course, my stupid. OTOH the Octaedit enables this. Did Elektron provide the dev Rusty with some of the code?


OctaEdit doesn’t have access to the LFO Designers over midi; as the Octatrack has a very limited midi spec; and no SysEx.

If it did, I would have already released a AU / VST / etc. full mdi version already. I’ve already built one, but there is a limited amount of functionality that can be provided because of the Octatracks limitation.

The Rytm for example has a better spec; and I’ve already built a Standalone / AU / VST editor that does a whole bunch of stuff that Overbridge doesn’t.

Elektron provided me with nothing. Absolutely nothing.


OctaEdit works offline on the contents of the CFCard, so it can do whatever. You can parse the data stored on the text files to edit values. Elektron should just implement sysex send / receive on the OT.


Seconded. @mekohler could do awesome things if they did.

Unfortunately I don’t think it is very likely for “reasons”


Thanks for the clarification Rusty and MK.

My iPad apps all slave very nicely to OT…I’ve only being using apps for a few months, but I’m really impressed with the sound quality of some apps (Aamazing Noises FX, iSEM is the best software emulation of a classic I’ve tried, Mersenne, Laplace, Animoog to mention some favs - ) the routing possibilities (AUM). I’m now lookink at Midifire Bit of a learning curve but the possibility to build custom midi processors is really powerful. Create subsequences with various time scales triggered from specific notes, / scene changes etc on the OT, Essentially I want to replicate the scene and crossfader functionality of the OT to swithching or glidie between parameters on multiple apps in sync with the OT.


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