Manifold - For The Octatrack (iOS App)


Only the “? / Help” in the upper right corner.

Make sure the OT is set to accept AUDIO CC’s under PROJECT -> MIDI -> CONTROL, and your MIDI channels in the app match the OT. I use it with the iConnect mio.


have done… but no connection still. i wonder what else i might be doing wrong? everything set up right on the OT… using iconnect midi 2 but getting this cannot use device the connected device requires too much power message… but have it separately powered already


and just to check, it would be using the chanel 1 outs din port to the ot, right (I mean neither work) but just wanted to check. IPad pro latest version btw


Weird, the app just sends MIDI CC’s so there is no fancy connection / authorization. You should be using both the MIDI input and output ports for 2 way communication…did you plug them in the opposite ports?


Sounds like you either have an ICM 2 + firmware or cabling issue. Check that your device is running the latest firmware . Are you using the cable that came with the ICM2 + to connect the ipad ?


Workaround : use C2-G2 notes instead of C6. No pitch information sent, but these notes are track number related.

You need to use crossfader’s CC48 if you don’t want latency with slices.


Thanks, I will revisit this and see what’s up (haven’t looked at the code in a bit).

Any other requests for features? I’ll come back to the app this week and make some updates…I’ve been in Analog Rytm land and haven’t turned on my OT in a while :zipper_mouth_face:


Possible to include an iPad with your app ? :slight_smile:


i once tried mine with ‘normal’ lead and it wasnt very good.
the lead that comes with it is ‘special’ … dont lose it. expensive to replace too.

– just for clarity … the iconnect device comes with a unique usb / lightning lead .
a normal one will plug in , but the one that comes with it is needed . it costs £35 on its own for some reason , so there much be something being done by the lead.


Hope I get a chance to play with it again soon. Will let you know if anything occurs to me. Great app anyway


ah… so this needs two way comms to work!? that might be the problem. let me check that. My IT is clocked otherwise by the A4mk2… will a splitter allow me to use your app and the A4 as clock?


yeah it works with everything else, ipad runs other apps thru the thing just not this one


nah still no joy with in and outs set up… while its great to have the help in the app, its a shame theres not a set up advice somewhere. is there a way to check that manifold can see the iConnect? Fuge machine for example sees it


Hrrm, weird…I use the popular AudioKit library to autodetect and connect to any MIDI interfaces the iPad sees. Have you tried quitting out of the app and restarting once your iConnect is connected and set up?

Did you make sure Audio CC’s (both into and out) are enabled in the OT?

Can any other app send CC’s / affect the OT? It doesn’t matter if apps can see the iConnect, just wondering if any other apps are actually able to change OT values.


it seems that the iconnect isnt actually recognised by the ipad at all. fuge doesnt work, sorry, my mistake. does anyone know the right type of cable i might need? i have a very posh one that worked before…


Someone mentioned updating firmware / drivers, no idea though :frowning:


Don’t know where you 're located…but this one:



This …
Proper lead
Not normal usb / lightning lead.
I’ll dig mine out see what happens


@mekohler Is there any chance of implementing a kind of “scene writer”, such as in OTC (octatrack CC editor and randomizer) for Reaktor?


I’ll take a look at the functionality, never used it before.