Manifold - For The Octatrack (iOS App)


Thanks! That works


This is looking GOOD so far. Just playing in the modulation view & having a lot of fun



Update out which addresses the crash.


sorry if this has been addressed already but… is it possible to send MIDI to OT and back? particularly considering the Send all CC values command - so the screen parameters could be updated - also in case I want to use that very same usb-midi cable to sequence synths on iPad…?


What do you mean? If you want to sync the app with the device, all you have to do is hit REC or SEND. REC will obviously disregard the current app values and populate it with what is received from the OT. SEND will send the current app values to the OT.

Or am I misunderstanding?

Edit: I should add a way to select input & output interface ports, so when you send CC’s you can target a certain interface. Right now the app listens and receives on all ports, out of convenience (or inconvenience if you have a fancy setup :thinking: )


I mean, if I use an usb-MIDI cable on both in and out, and I change to a pattern using a different part, am I able to recall the parameters from the OT to avoid value jumps (“Send All CC” message)

and regarding your edit… yes, it would be good to be able to select a specific port, to avoid any problems if you’re sequencing any iPad synths at the same time…


Still not sure what you are trying to do :frowning:. When you change a pattern / part on the OT you don’t want the app to update? You want the app to update the OT so the sound remains the same but only the pattern changes?

When you change pattern / part on the OT does it auto-send it’s CC values? Not sure, not at home.


I haven’t bought the app yet, maybe I should clarify that :stuck_out_tongue:

I was asking if by changing patterns/parts, the app reflects the updated parameter information… is that clear enough?


Ahh ok… if the OT auto-sends all CC’s, then yes (can’t check right now). If it doesn’t, there is a button on the top of the screen that will request them. Either way, it’s super easy to keep the states synced. Keep in mind that the OT doesn’t send info about what FX is loaded to a track, so all of that needs to be done manually. I put in a request in the request thread to add 2 more CC’s, but who knows.


afaik the only way is by that CC request you already implemented… thanks for the quick reply!
I’ll seriously consider it in case I go back to my OT+iPad setup (currently OT+A4, but I’ve been evaluating the pros and cons of each option)


Have had some great results playing around with this last night. Thank you mekohler.
I do think the volume control sensitivity could be improved it takes quite a few swipes to travel through the range.


Thanks, I’ll increase the mixer sensitivity in an update this week.


Update out:

  • Increased sensitivity of Mixer Faders


Did u know your website is black on iPad ?


Yes, there is no website…apple requires one though :[


hey Marcos. Does it work with OT MK1?


I believe they share the same OS so it should. I don’t have an MK1 to test.

Can anyone confirm?


I have an mk1 and yes it works
Great app btw


well, I‘ll give it a try ! thx for responding. and thx for development!


really sorry for the noob question, but is there a manual for this app? just bought it and using with iConnect midi2… doesnt seem to work, thanks