Malekko Manther, Mr. D, and BFF Grooveboxes


I like mine too. I’m not parting with it (as commented on MW) and hopefully the new firmware will come sooner than later. But I’m really enjoying it. It has a few bugs. I haven’t experienced all the problems people have listed and it’s very usable now and I can get some great patterns going on it. You’ll enjoy it and just remember they’ve promised an “awesome update” (their words)


It could be that a lot of the MW negativity about the “slow” envelopes is coming from people who are used to insanely fast eurorack envelopes. :thinking:


I haven’t been over there for a long time due to what MW has become, but the loudest most emphatic complaints seem to come from accounts that I’d never heard of, nor wish to.

It reminds me a little too much of what happens here whenever Elektron has the gall to release a new product; a bunch of sock puppet accounts foretelling imminent doom.


Yes it’s getting quite an unfair beating in my opinion too, it is solid and definitely far from an unfinished product! The 101 sound with waveshaper addition wrapped in rich onboard sequencer = lots of character
I’d love to have a step jump function on it, and must admit the envelope is a bit weak, but that’s not spoiling all the fun you can have with it.
They have been promising an update for a while though, I wonder what Malekko are cooking.


I post on MW using the name bimbom .
I tried changing it but cant.
It could be a good device , has some quirks , as you say it possibly a few individuals posting issues , some of which are user error , some manther issues , forums can blow things out of context. Particular people might expect snappy envelopes , others expect sequence transpose .

Complains and concerns also get louder when there’s a vacuum of feedback from the developer.
As soon as melekko pop up with a post , msg or something it’ll calm down.

Ive seen a comment justifying the ‘panic about hardware XXX’ by quoting the amount of posts on a thread , without any context on what those posts might be (i.e questions , workarounds , user error , misunderstandings , banter , genuine issues ).


Just to add ,
Ive mailed malekko a few times
Offered to beta test upcoming firmware , not just use it , but actual proper beta testing.
Emailed a few bugs
Emailed a big list of things , bugs , feature requests, workflow ideas , UI improvement (in my opinion anyway).
I wrote a review on their website. (Hasn’t appeared)

I’d have probably kept it if -
Other hardware hadn’t given me a lack of trust for firmware updates.
I’d seen any response from them or seen one on facebook , twitter , forums.
Their update page had mentioned any of the main issues i’d found or were widely known on the forum.
I had a job and was more willing to keep things than sell them on if i’m Not instantly feeling it (i did the same with sp404a) . I got back the money i paid for it even though I could’ve probably made a profit …
If I’d seen an actual review of it on any site / YouTube gear head. There are feature overviews , people using it, but no actual reviews (pointing out the pros , cons , acknowledging any issues, fixes , etc) .

I’m keeping an eye on it , if things are sorted its quite likely i’ll grab another at the right price.

In terms of firmware update , personally , ive seen comments of promised firmware updates for engine , Avalon bass line , many other bits of hardware , none of which have happened , so when i comments from other people who I don’t know , i’m a little sceptical.


I really dig the manther i am already using it in some productons. Other then some sync issues that were solved with a reset, i havent had issues. I wish it had another envelope for the filter or what ever. I still get great sounds out of it.


I skimmed through the MW thread and there is quite and emotional arc to it!
There are legitimate fixes needed and malekko don’t seem to want to communicate - perhaps just give a general update.
I really like manther and haven’t had major problems apart from the midi sync which i got help for here.
My approach to music tends to be mostly improvisation and manther excels at this, I can see, if you like to get things all organised and setup patterns with tight changes, then it still needs a bit of work.
My name is Francis and I am an sp16 owner, so it’s hard to get me upset about the manther niggles!


Weirdly I got a pioneer sp16 last week , perhaps luckily I didn’t have to endure previous firmwares , but I’m quite impressed with it , many aspects are simple compared to electron gear , some things better , overall I’m getting nice results via a mixture of midi , samples , resampling and using chains.
It has some quirks and looking at the firmware list it’s probably best I didn’t buy one yers ago.


So many things to like about the sp16, you are lucky to get it now when people are kind of resigned to what it is / isn’t / will never be. Mostly frustration with pioneer rather than the unit itself.


It is so good to hear some good things about it, the manther sounds fabulous, i think malekko deserve a bit of support and understanding. It is not an easiest thing to do, the great machine, and the market is brutal!

Can’t wait to play my manther, i will not be home for next 20 days, but as soon i can i will make my own opinion about it, but thanks guys positive vibes, that is why i like Elektronauts


Hi, just got mine, how do you reset the manther?

just put in to update mode, I can’t seem to see anything about factory reset or the such on the manual?



I got mine about a month ago. I really like it. Lots of great sounds and the motion recording is great. I initially had the same issues everyone else was having and the reset solved that for me. The morph dial effects the snappiness of the faders so be sure that’s all the way counter clockwise. I’m sure a firmware update could give us some control over this in the menu.

I’ve written to Melekko as well along about the firmware too, they are most likely busy with the upcoming releases, could be a reason for their silence. I’m still looking forward to the Mr d and bff.


Just been using the manther for the last couple of hours for the first time and I must say I’m impressed, sounds really nice


It is great sounding synth, it sounds old-school, but with a modern twist, and that itself is a great achievement, did not stumble across any bug in the last few days of playing it, no crashing , no freezing, no tuning or midi sync problems, there are a few midi things that could be deeper, like pr ch messages and cc messages are not there, but it is already perfect as is, and i don’t need it , my music methods are simple.
It just sounds incredible and goes to many places …
I like the design a lot too, looks much better in person to me than i had expected.
It gets 11 out of 10 from me :wink:


I picked up a Manther recently but had a lot of problems getting it in tune and tracking (even using just its internal keyboard and transpose buttons). Anna from Support tried to send me the calibration procedure, but either she got bad info from the developers or my unit was really f’ed up. I had to send it in to them and they turned it around in a day. It’s on it’s way back to me, so I’ll report with an update next week.

I was a bit surprised to find there was no master tune control on the panel or in the software; so much for all those great 432 Hz compositions I was planning on writing…

I have noticed a lot of minor things, but am holding off comments until
a) I get it back calibrated, and
b) they release the next OS update


How are your menu and bpm encoders ? are they one click for value, or sometimes you have to turn it more then one click for the value to change ?

@Zombylover , and yours ?


It depends on the value range. If it is something that only has 2 or three values, then usually more than one click per value, but for something that ranges from 0 to 100 then one click might jump 5 or more steps. If you push the encoder when you rotate it will be more sensitive. I would prefer the opposite to how it is… I would prefer 1 click = increment value by exactly one and push-turn is faster.


Yeah, me to, what about manu encoder ? does one click takes you to next page ? or sometimes not? First click never takes me to next page.


Yeah. Same here. It always feels like something went wrong, but I think thats just how it is!