Malekko Manther, Mr. D, and BFF Grooveboxes


Here’s something that looks promising!

Too bad they didn’t have a working version out. Looking forward to seeing them in action.


They look like an MC202 had sex with a Spectralis…


:joy: mutant babies for mutant music!


This BFF wave synth and percussa system-8 do excite my interest…


Anybody got/getting the Manther? GAS building!!


I been dying for it since it’s first announcement but sadly I find it’s sound pretty one dimensional. more lookin forward to the bff nao.


I’d love to hear all 3 together.


Agreed. I love the look, the build, and the UI, but it sounds kind of bad to me (too harsh, seemingly not capable of smooth/liquidy/rubbery).

I like that the delay can be used as a comb filter that can be modulated by the LFO, and the p-locking abilities though. I really hope the BFF sounds much better.


Actually, it sounds much better in this particular Perfect Circuit demo. I think the key is to go easy on the filter resonance.

Reminds me all the horrible Analog Heat demos that initially came out that had the filter resonance cranked. It really surprises me that the people demoing these things are oblivious to how bad they are making them sound when they do.


From what I can tell (reading the manual), there’s no way to modulate the wave folder. That’s really a shame imo. It appears you can’t record automation for that parameter either.


I reckon the new Medusa has stolen a lot of these boxes thunder.
No good demos and jury still out on the sound of the Medusa also though, particularly without hearing its digital side.


The BFF has 3 envelopes; 1 dedicated for the VCA, and 2 that can be assigned to the VCF and to modulate the wavetables.

The Manther only has one envelope.

Together with its hybrid nature, the more complex modulation capabilities of the BFF makes it way more interesting to me.


I think I might be mistaken because it looks like automation for the wave shaper is actually recorded in that video. It sounds choppy though.


I can’t seem to find any evidence for the Manther seq having swing.

Anyone ?


I didn’t see swing either, but it does have the ability to delay steps, kind of like Elektron’s microtiming abilities.

Also, the aforementioned choppiness I noticed in the video after the automation for the wave shaper was recorded should be able to be smoothed out by using the “morph” knob I think.

Dammit I really want one of these now :joy:


page 11 of the manual has info on the gate delay function.

looks like it works like the varigate 8+


Did I interpret that function correctly? It sounded like a way to nudge the gates after they were triggered by a step, but the wording at the end of the description is kind of confusing to me.

Actually, I think it’s a typo. That sentence about assigning repeat must’ve gotten copied accidentally from the description right above it.


I interpret it as a per step swing, not a Roland style swing with global swing amount.
Still, a usable solution for a mono synth, though it could be more cumbersome for their drum machine
(Mr D).

I could also be completely wrong, as the Mr D has a slider on it that looks to be a global function. :man_shrugging:

Also, can’t seem to lock down the actual physical dimensions of these. They are not in the manual.
14 x 9.5 x 5" are listed on some sites, but that sounds more like box dimensions, as they don’t seem proportionate (aspect ratio is nearly 2:1) and 5" is one hell of a depth, even with knob height.


I feel like noisy is what they’re going for, which I love. There’s plenty of tasteful, classic sounding mono synths out there. Give me something weird.


I ordered one right now. It should be arriving this week. Those oh so sweet & familiar impulsive-gear-purchase endorphins are coursing through my veins right now. Can’t wait to make some grimy shit with this one.