Malekko Manther, Mr. D, and BFF Grooveboxes


I ended up selling mine after it came back from Malekko. I thought the menuing system was just OK. It worked, wasn’t the smoothest I’ve used, but wasn’t horrible. Since I wasn’t using the on board sequencer much, I wasn’t constantly in the menus.


So it looks like it is norml the way it is, it certainly is a strange decision to make it like this, to me it feels , well, broken or buggy.

I am keeping the synh, and love it, love the rest of it, build, looks, sliders, and it sounds so lively!!
It is the best sounding synth i ever had played and owned.

But i think the Malekko has to think about “fixing” this encoder behavior, i never had encoders behaving like this on any of my synths or other electronic devices.


Right hand encoder to select and the left hand encoder to go back, if you know what I mean


Yeah hopefully this will be fixed with the up and coming update…fingers crossed


Has anyone heard any word on when the BFF or Mr. D will drop? I’ve emailed Melekko and dm’ed them on their Facebook page a couple of months ago but never heard anything. Just curious to know if anyone has heard any progress on these two. I’m in love with my Manther and would really like to have the trio one day.


The lack of communication with them seems quite disturbing. I am interested in that Mr. D as well.


Hopefully they will be released once the manther has been updated and when everyone is happy :laughing:


Yeah I wonder given that those boxes are seemingly even more complex on the software side of things. Maybe they are really trying to iron out all issues in the manther and then the same on those units before release. They are a pretty small company and each of those boxes is pretty ambitious. If you like the look of those I feel like the gotherman stuff is probably worth a look also, I think he makes stuff that could potentially fill the role of both those boxes. Never used one and they are expensive but also totally wild.


looks like a lot of manu diving…


Still very tempted by interface + sound + sequencer of the manther. Hope they can work things out.


No not compared to other machines



Looks like they just posted the firmware update. Haven’t had a chance to update yet but the changes are listed. No mention of the sync change bug or timing. Hopefully it’s fixed.


What :grinning:


i won’t update mine, some problems over at muffw. , and i am not interested in new functions. I had zero problems ex. i don’t like how encoders fell wrong.

Actually, they added osc range is saved now with the sound. Thats cool :slight_smile:


gotherman stuff ? That’s what i was referring to


These days it pays to be cautious - and I dont blame you because I feel the same way - but as of now, there is a total one person on muffw complaining about the update. Maybe thats the only person in the world having this problem. But… I’m still not upgrading until I read at least one success story - or Malekko provides a copy of the 1.0 firmware so I can roll back if I have problems.


i am not updating because i don’t have any problems, i don’t need new futures. Saving OSC range is nice, if they add pattern change midi messages, i will update (maybe).
When i bought my malekko manther i was just hoping he will sync and save sounds and patterns, which he does, everything else is unimportant in this moment for me, even the crazy encoders, i don’t care, interface is great and the sound also, that is why i am in to this synth.

Could it be better? jeah , sure, everything could be better, there is not one single damn thing done perfect. As we all have to be fed up with that fact all over again, day after day like in some stupid nightmare.

Yeah, they should provide the roll back to 1.0 possibility in some way, or be sure they have got 1.1 right.

Who doesn’t like something, sent it back and go on with your perfect lives.


Kind of agree, great they are supporting but I’m not in a rush. It’s a fine machine


tl;dr: I went ahead and updated and it seems to be working correctly.

Its an interesting process sending an audio signal to the gate input. Reminded me of using cassette tapes to back up and restore my first computer. My first two attempts failed. They were not joking when they said the signal needs to be loud. I would have said extremely loud.

The fast envelope adds a whole new dynamic to the sound. I will probably use this more than the slow one.

My only gripe so far is the transpose workflow. It feels like something a computer programmer would like better than a musician. With the sequencer running you can transpose by hitting shift+transposeUp or down to transpose an octave. Thats logical. But if you want to do semitones, you need shift+transpose+keyboardButton. So shift+transposeUp+F takes me up 5 semitones. If I keep shift+transposeUp depressed and click C, then my root note is back to C. Kind of what I would expect. I’m calling that “absolute”. But if I release shift+transposeUp+F the current transpose becomes baked in. Now if I need to return to root C I need shift+transposeDown+F. That seems odd to me. I can see some logic, but I dont think I’m going to like that so much. I’m calling that “relative”. I think I would prefer to work in absolute mode almost all the time, but to do that I’d need to keep shift+transpose engaged, which is not really going to be possible. Maybe I’ll get used to it… maybe not.


New update up ver 1.11

Also up is ver 1.0