Malekko Manther, Mr. D, and BFF Grooveboxes


Yea it defiantly seems buggy. I messed with it for a while but a reset was correcting the issues.


this is a Quick test of the Malekko Manther the track is very simple and the Mather lead line is just a loop for the test no editing or processing. for a final track id do at least another variation of the manther loop.I figure for those that want to here what the manther sound s like wiht other instuments id just put this test up.

Manther - is the lead thats comes on in the first min
Dread box hades - is the acid bass line
OB-6- is the chord/keys that come in about half way through
analog RYTM- for the drums


Weirdly a few hours after i posted on this thread i have one here.
I like it a lot … haven’t looked into midi but its a nice small box…easy to understand.sounds good.
Ill try to post some noise later.

Also pushed over the edge into buying it as it was quite cheap , hard to resist a bargain.


definitely needs a firmware update but right now its very usable.

some audio/things on googledrive too.

some pics on instagram (a bit dusty though)


here is a another test of the MANTHER MALEKKO its just the same 1 bar pattern all the way through. basicly Only the manther Changes just for a test I did of the range of sounds. thought gear heads may like this.

Malekko Manther - the synth and acid line
Elektron RTYM mki- drums
Elektron analog drive- some FX distortion on drums


I got the last one of these in my city. Perfect companion to an Analog Four with its CV outs. Happy day!


First evening report: I plugged some closed headphones into Manther so I could jam on the couch next to my poor, dear partner.

Me [muttering]: “Disgusting… That’s gross. Broken. Totally broken.”
Her: “Oh is it not working properly?”
Me: “It’s working perfectly. You see, the coveted CEM3340 VCO chip which—“
Her: “Maybe you should talk to your brother about this.”

Disgusting and broken is the only way to describe this thing.


if you want to sync with external gear remember to change to ext , exit the menu , turn it off / back on.

its a fun machine to make stuff on though… i havent used mine enough this week …


If you were reviewing a movie, that would make me want to see it!
I really like the disgusting and broken stuff I’m getting out of the Manther.


Do you think the manther will get a midi out update so I can double the pattern on as1 / slim phatty / whatever? Seems like a very useful feature.


It needs an update but atm it can do 64 steps at various speeds ( you can divide and multiply the clock )

It definitely needs an update and probably many.



good video ,nicely presented , factual , nice clear graphics . i learnt a few new things and havent gone near song mode myself.

currently undecided if i want to get rid of it , its buggy , has some annoying interface things , but it also sounds nice and i hope they can fix the small issues with it. i got it at a good price and if i sold it now , i’m very unlikely to get one as cheap again (if i ever bought another)

if i did a video i think i’d end up complaining about the issues it has , which wouldn’t be a completely fair representation of what it does (and doesn’t ) do.


Dual VCO in Rytm has been my Manther lust remedy.
Not just for the fun sequencer tricks (love using retrig on it), but also for the sound.
Big enough sound to make up for the loss of immediacy and also save me $649, but only just! :sweat_smile:


Hey, not sure if you were replying to my mid out query? I understand it does multiply and divide, what would be cool if it can be used as an external midi sequencer so the pattern that is playing through manther can also be played on another machine at the same time. From the manual it only had midi clock out.
I got mine and after a few days had to leave on an extended trip so haven’t got to grips with it yet but the video posted above is really helpful. Cheers


Anyone tried the cv outs of the sequencer? The internal seq seems to go a bit crazy when you plug a cable to the cv out.


My honeymoon ended. Daniel Dehaan’s video highlights four things:

  1. People don’t read manuals;
  2. Manuals aren’t written from the point of view of the user;
  3. Tabletop synth users expect a higher degree of intuitivity or clearer interface design than Malekko’s eurorack users do (might want to take note here guys);
  4. The interface design of Manther and the state of its software has issues which exacerbates nos. 1, 2, and 3.

It’s a great video, it highlights how a patient and methodical mind can work through a device and tick off those points.

I brought Manther to my desk and worked through the video as methodically as my own mind allows. My conclusion: the voicing and architecture are great; the sequencer and the functionality of the interface and various buttons… no fucking clue. I’m just going to sequence it from an Elektron, not going to bother with it.

Looks great sitting next to an Octatrack MKII, occasionally sounds spectacular. Might get sold.


The Manther is super easy/intuitive to use; especially, compared to something like the Mother 32. I thought it was even more intuitive than the Abstrakt Avalon too. I’m really surprised you’re having issues figuring out how to use it.


yea i think the Manther is very easy to learn and not to many hidden menu’s. spent about a good 5 hours just playing with it and it was enough to really get most of the functions down. it sounds great and it has patches/pattern automation save which is very nice. I really want to see program change per pattern/patch.


maybe it helps me that I view it as: “WAY easier to learn than an MC-202!” because that’s basically what it is. it’s different than Elektron stuff but I wouldn’t say it’s any more difficult. some stuff is much simpler, actually.