Malekko Manther, Mr. D, and BFF Grooveboxes


Yeah, it works that way. You select which steps you want to be affected, and whatever increment (amount) of delay is chosen gets applied to all the selected steps. Only one value for the amount of delay can be chosen though; it is a global value that get applied to whatever steps you choose.


Can you select multiple steps at once? Or just 1 at a time?

Thanks BTW!


You can select multiple steps. The delay value will either be on or off for every step; you’re given a visual representation of all 16 steps on the screen, and you toggle all the steps on or off. It’s really fast and intuitive imo.


Just want to clarify that this function shouldn’t be confused with something like Elektron’s micro-timing because you can’t choose different values of delay for each individual step. Only one value can be chosen that can be applied to whatever steps you want it applied to.

If I recall correctly, this is similar to how the swing function worked on the old-school Korg Electribe EMX/ESX’s.


Cool - so it’s essentially swing, you just have to tell it what steps you want it on.

I’m going to check this out at a store near me today.


picked one of these up from the classifieds here. pretty bitchin’ little box. still getting my head around the OS but it’s been a lotta fun so far. it’s very easy to push it and make it sound abrasive; it doesn’t do “gentle and pretty” as easily as the SH101, but it’s in there, as well as much more the SH101 can’t do of course. the OS is pretty solid. my only gripe is that for some reason the sequencer won’t start when my Elektron boxes send it a start message; but if Ableton does, it’s fine. :man_shrugging:

also, to further expand on what Prints said above (and actually explain better than the manual does). in that editing mode, you set the Gate Delay (or length, etc) value you’d like, and then press whatever steps you want to apply that to. not ONE step, as the manual states; but one OR many. so, swing is easy to do.


I checked it out at lunch. I don’t know if it’s for me. The delay sounds awesome though.


I had to leave just after I got it so haven’t gone deep with it yet. Like another poster the midi was tricky but I need more time with it.


The Manther has a major competitor in the ARmk2 now that it has the dual VCO feature…


This is not correct.

Actually you can set a different delay amount for each step. The workflow is: first rotate the encoder to choose the delay amount, then click the step or steps to apply that amount to. You can continue and dial in new values and apply them to other steps. Every step can be different if you want.


I only had the Manther for a bit, but I wasn’t able to do what you’re describing. That’s great if you actually can.


Its not something I have done a lot either, so I did a double-check before I posted. You can set delay the same way as gate, accent, repeat and probability and can specify each of these per-step.


Hey i just picked one of these up. I do have a question though has anyone used mather with midi ? I cant seem to get it to take clock even with the clock settings set to midi. It dosnt take midi start or stop. I know my midi cable is active since ive tested on other devices.

Any one have this problem ?


can you use manther as source , not slave.


hey thanks for the reply. I haven’t tested that it would require a bunch of rewire ect so i was avoiding that set up but good idea to test it. An if it dosnt work id say the midi is busted or it needs a up date ??


I had the same problem slaving it to a few devices. Had to leave for work before I had a chance to really investigate, but I will say I had a good solid system with a few different units and the manther messed things up. Not home for a few weeks so can’t comment fully.


I’m using midi clock from bitwig over usb and it is working correctly. Starts, stops and plays in sync.


ok figured out what it is so when you do a change with the clock you need to turn off then back on for the changes to take effect. so give that a try perhaps


I read on muffwiggler they’re working on a firmware update , more envelope and lfo options, a few other things .

No date though…


yeah I mentioned in my post just above you that I’m having the same issue. I can send it start/stop messages and midi clock from Ableton and Logic and it behaves correctly. but in a computer-less setup, getting the clock from the OT (or RYTM; I’ve tried both), it syncs but doesn’t start/stop correctly. I’ve tried various settings in both boxes but nothing has fixed the issue. I’ve definitely power cycled the Manther during this time too, with no changes.

hoping an OS update fixes it…