Malekko Manther, Mr. D, and BFF Grooveboxes


Of course the first thing I notice is the book on Galveston.


Ha! That’s a good read, by nic pizzolato who wrote true detective. Was even man enough to apologise for the second series. I usually keep a copy of ‘the house on the borderland’ nearby for inspiration.


The 2nd series is a bit of a masterpiece, for all the wrong reasons.

My personal favourite line (of so so many): to vince vaughan “you cant act for sh1t”

oh man :smile:


My fave VV line from series 2
‘Sometimes your worst self…,…is your best self’
TD2 Has some great moments but compared to series 1 it’s a bloated piece of nonsense. To be fair the makers acknowledge it was rushed out after the unexpected success of 1. TD1 took much longer to develop and had the benefit of good editing, tight AF.


Review from DivKid on the Manther

Sounds really great and seems easy to use. Has a flow to it.


can imagine to see tons of new techno tracks with wavefolding coming out next :smiley:
sounds great!

would love to here it against the pittsburg microvolt … which has similar sound architecture minus the sequencer and the delay … but similar price tag.


holly mother that sounds good yep getting one…


must. resist.


I kinda want one. :confused:


I just ordered the Manther! Super excited! Tell me if I’m wrong, this seems like a sh101’ish mono on steroids? Everything has motion record and probability, the sequencer seems great, and you can get some real gritty lows and highs. I was really trying to hold off for the BFF and Mr.D but Manther sounds so great I couldn’t hold back. I’m still looking forward to the other two, hoping they’re as nasty as Manther.


me. too.



Can a Manther owner please advise on the actual physical dimensions?
Seems all over the web stores , the product packaging box dimensions are what are published, as I doubt the thing is 5" thick on a desk.



Hope this helps dimensions are…
length… literally just short of 12 inches
width… 6 inches
height at front… 4.4cm
height at rear… 5.5cm
This is without rubber feet on unit as none come with unit also measurement of height is without the knobs measured too which are about 2cms tall.

taken from gearslutz.
posting on forums is more interesting that football :slight_smile:

pictures and everything…


edit: haha Re5et beat me to it :smiley:




Hi @Francis

Does the Manther have swing? There’s nothing in the manual about it.




It has per-step delay. So you can create swing that way. I think thats the only option (unless you do it via the incoming clock).


Hmmm. I wonder if you can select multiple steps and adjust multiple gate delays…


Another Demo