Make Noise 0-coast


yes, for sure

agreed to all of that


Hey all,

Been using the trigger out from a Roland TR-09 into the 0-coast… didn’t realize this could be potentially damaging to the 0-coast without an attenuator. No apparent damage so far, does anyone have any knowledge / insight regarding an appropriate signal strength for the 0-coast, and if the TR trigger output is too hot / strong for it?


I had the 0 coast a few days. While I can say that I have been infected by the modular bug (via the software “racks” Reaktor and VCVRack), this time the hardware did not do it for me. That sound is not for everyone, the same as the A4 may not fit all tastes.

I did, however, like the design and build quality, and the way it inspires experimentation, and can see that this is a very good way into modular thinking.


There should be no problem.
Many others use it to clock their modular.

@darenager wrote in the TR8S thread that the trigger of the TR08 puts out 12 V.
Have to check the 0-coast manual


By reading the manual, I got the impression that the 0-coast could handle hot / robust, line level signals… I just don’t understand cv / gate very well yet. I’ll def have to ReturnTTFM to get a better idea. I was just curious if anybody here knew for certain.


modular gate level usually is 10V - i am sure it will not be destroyed by 10,1 V. to be safe, i would write to MN and ask them about the tolerances. i don’t think, you will find that information in the manual



that’s a boss little setup. It looks like the Bassbot is driving the 0-coast (?), I wonder if its signal is comparable to the -09…


It finally works. My make noise 0-coast, buss powered and working as a module in my rack.


Just wondering how people are getting on with the arp on the 0-coast? Pretty basic compared to the OT but I do kinda like the latch mode.

One thing I am struggling with is the tempo sync of the arp though - seems like the arp only has a 1:1 relationship with the midi clock, which isn’t much use to me. Instead i thought I could use the midi b gate out of the OC to drive the tempo input - i.e. send gate to the OC from the OT on midi b and patch the midi b gate out to the tempo in. This just causes the OC arp to freeze up:(

Anyone else have any other solution? The OC manuals doesnt offer much here…


Have you set the tempo to not receive midi-clock? Might fix it, if it only responds to the gate as trigger and not the midi as well.


@Johanheinsen yep tried that. No joy, just freezes the arp. And would have thought any gate received at tempo input gets added to the midi clock (at least that’s what the manual says) :frowning:


How much more expensive would be a modular version of 0-coast functionality using full modules?


Loopop has some handy hints for how to make best use of a 0-Coast, alone and with other devices:

(while some of these have been covered in Make Noise’s own tutorials, Loopop explains them well).


I would say 0-coast in modules is at least 2k


For real? What modules would it consist of?


I’m not sure. It’s difficult cause many of the 0-coast modules are smaller brothers of Make Noise Eurorack modules. You could use other brand’s modules of course, that resemble these functions. Since they are all different in price it’s hard to estimate.
But there is so much stuff in the 0-coast:

  • midi to cv module
  • arpeggiator
  • lfo
  • random source
  • clock
  • multiple / attenuverter
  • oscillator
  • wavefolder
  • loopable slope
  • envelope
  • low pass gate / vca
  • output (headphone/line out)
  • Case (probably 6U) + Power

For the Vco you could use Make Noise STO but it has no wavefolder (i believe the 0-coast VCO is more like a mini DPO)
The slope section would be MN Function
The 0-coast Contour is available as module, as well as the Dynamics section…

Rest depends on what you choose

Edit: Maybe 2k is estimated a bit high, but it will be still a lot more than the 0-coast itself


yeah I had one for a while and bought it again recently because I missed having so many options packed into such a tight space. even if you just have things like the Mother32 or Deepmind or something, it offers a lot to use in conjunction, for a totally reasonable price.

it is a gateway drug though. if you love it and think “I wish I could do this or that with this part of it…” well, you can. but as you mentioned, need to jump into a euro system then and spend a decent chunk of change. you get many more options, sure. but to get what 0 coast has, you need to spend a decent bit.


i think you’re in the ballpark. 0-coast really is an amazing value for the eurorack world. I dont even look at it as a synth anymore but a combo of functions to integrate with my other modules


Everytime I watch mylarmelodies’ video on this thing, I feel super dumb for still having not purchased one.

Still. That Digitone polyphony + namm 2019 keeps me from plunging.

(EDIT: my only pieces of hardware — aside from the computer/ push 2/ nektar panorama p6 — are the a42/ ar2 — strange that loopop’s pairings vid doesn’t include the a4)