Make Noise 0-coast


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Analog RYTM and Make Noise 0-Coast
Using effects pedal with Analog 4
Novation // Circuit
Starting a modular

Wow! This is right up my alley. I’d love to own one of those.


549.00€, that will probably be nearer to $1k for us plebs in the wasteland. Still, looks nice indeed.


499, yes I’ll take one. This thing looks amazing.


This is Make Noise’s new desktop semi-modular monosynth. Some of you may have heard of it.

Based on Alessandro Cortini’s little videos, this looks totally up my alley - a little happy accident machine I can sample the shit out of into Octatrack.


Definitely in my top 5 things I saw at NAMM, and an instant buy for me. I know it wasn’t quite finished but I believe Tony said it would be out in Spring.


Probably the most interesting piece of gear at NAMM, there really wasn’t much to be excited for at NAMM this year except for new modules. Weak year for traditional/hardware pieces.

I would get this if I didn’t already get into modular, but it still has my interest piqued.


This is one of few items that caught my interest this year, as well. I probably won’t buy one in the foreseeable future (I have plans for my eurorack), but still glad to see fresh ideas. I hope it does well.

I’ll probably buy Tempi, though. It should make a perfect partner for my new Folktek Matter. But that new Pittsburgh Modular 360hp case must be mine, too. Argh, months of oatmeal porridge and noodles it is, then. :zonked:


I’d love this, together with the A4 and the OT this could provide hours of fun, plus I’d love to have a non-subtractive synth…


This looks so dope. I saw one in person on Saturday night at CTRL MOD in NYC and I fell in love. It’s up for pre-order now on their store.


I just ordered an Analog Keys so I’ll wait before buying the Zero Coast. I have no plans for a eurorack for now (I think I’ll have enough work to learn everything on the AK). But that synth would be a perfect companion to the AK !

On what synthesis is it based ?


It’s essentially supposed to be a blending of East Coast and West Coast synthesis, hence the name “0-Coast”.


yeh ive planned on picking one of these up as soon as i have the funds

this is what ive been wanting for a while… new, modern and unique take on analog synthesis - technically its still “subtractive” synthesis, but its about as far from “standard” as you can get



Soooo what’s the official word: rackable or not? Guy I spoke to at Synthcity Chicago said one should be able to pop it out and rack it.

I got a Mother 32 and I just love it. I basically haven’t touched anything else since I got it. I’m still hesitant to go full modular, but was thinking about the Maths as the next purchase.

So, and I know this is purely subjective and based on each tweaker’s need, would ya’ll recommend this as a good next step or keep my eyes on the Maths.


The unofficial word is not rackable and not Eurorack-size: it’s a tabletop unit only.


I’m pretty new to eurorack myself (Maths is actually going to be my next module) and was pretty excited about the 0-Coast when I got to play it at NAMM, but now that I’ve actually started building a rack it’s less of a priority and I may not ever get one-more fun to go whole hog and build to taste. I think if you’re unlikely to go into eurorack you’d have a fine semi-modular pairing with the M32 and 0-Coast, but if you think you might go down the rabbit hole you’re probably going to be more satisfied with full featured modules.


I mean I guess that there is the issue underneath my original question: go full in or baby steps with pre-made systems. I would like to go down that hole, but unsure of my commitment.

Whereas this paired with an M32 would make an immediate, slayful duo.


Official: not rackable. Make Noise stated such in an IG reply.


Not officially rackable, but it can quite easily be hacked apparently (via Muffwiggler)

Sonic Lab review just went up yesterday, have to admit I’m super excited to wet my modular(ish) beak with this one, thinking it’ll be a superb option for fifth A4 voice:


HA! Beat me to it. I was about to Reply to that post with the same pic. :slight_smile:
Yeeeaaahhhh very tempted. I’ll see what Elektron has got cooking before I pull the plug. This with my M32?? :rocket: