Make Noise 0-coast


Make sure you are using the dynamic out with the included cable and not the line out.


I see that the manual does note to use a TS mono cable when connecting to balanced inputs. Will pick one up.


“The Line Output is the only output we recommend plugging into your audio monitoring system.”

The dynamic out is 10vpp.


Ahh so…my mistake

That’s how I’ve been using mine otherwise I had the same issue.



“I can get these sounds with Massive / Reaktor, I don’t need this”

Keeping the GAS at bay with affirmations.


it sounds like she’s really maxing out her speaker(s) - can’t tell on this mac desktop very well… it adds an acoustic quality, some people would call it undesirable. it’s kinda nice.


It sounds like something that took about 10 minutes to come up with. Calling it a “performance” is stretching it a bit.


I have a 0-coast but this was pretty awful. 8 mins of just messing with a couple parameters. no melodic changes or anything. so strange


I like it. Sure, it’s nothing complex but I found it quite pleasant to listen to.


me too. Like the sound


been digging these Funk Tree workouts for drone-y, meditative 0-coastlines


there’s a good, driving pulse to it. it seemed a bit static, but i’m enjoying it more on repeated listens. it sounds like she’s focusing more on the harmonics, though i’m not sure how much of it is determined by those pedals.


Yeah I dont mind the sound in the video. It’s just more a patch demonstration than a live set!



got my brand new 0-coast and it’s very refreshing, a very new universe to explore for me!

I have a question : am I alone to find this synth seriously lacking in the high frequencies department? I have to severely EQ it to boost the high freqs when using a bass + overtones simple patch, so as to have it to match the overall mix of the track…

Using higher pitches brings higher freqs but for basslines I feel a crude lack of brightness…

Bass is huge on this beast, BTW, and has a lot of character, I love it so far :slight_smile:



Raise the Overtones with the balance knob
And be aware that the dynamics is a low pass gate - so if it isn’t at 100%, some high cut filtering happens. It should be no problem to make the shrillest bass sounds.




cool track, thank you, now i want to have one too.


thanks, I didn’t know the low-pass-gate-dynamics-pot-thingie,

I think I had it fully open (CW) but I’m gonna check this tonight.

cheers :slight_smile:


Hey dudes. Good thread.

I want to get into the modular world and extend what my ‘traditional’ instruments can do - the MN Morphagene has blown my tiny little mind.

As a starting point - to get going - would something like the MN O Coast be a good investment? The sounds I’m hearing from it are killer, it seems to play nicely with the Octatrack, and I guess it can be expanded with ‘big’ eurorack modules as time / money allows. I really like the textural stuff it can do even more than the ‘standard’ modular arps/melodic patterns.