Make Noise 0-coast


dust cover would be great


I’m wondering if it would be best to just get a cheap, pistol hard case.

I’m also on the look out for one for my mother as well.


Cool, your mum has an 0-C!

Only joking fella, I get what you mean :rofl:


Ha! Nah seriously, I’m looking for a box to keep her in- you just can’t take your eyes off these old dears nowadays!


Love the sound, hate the graphics and typeface…


I bought one of these:

I had to cut out more of the felt inside, as it looked like it would fit the O-Coast vertically but in fact it will only work horizontally. Still, it fits now!


Ah cool. That looks like it’ll do the job!


Lusting after this pretty bad…
Problem is the only gear I have right now is:
Maschine MK3

I’m pretty covered for “normal” synths with Maschine and Reason10/Ableton.
I have owned a few normal synths in the past but this 0coast is really alluring just because of the patching and unusual synthesis style, also the size… I have a very small apartment :blush:

I have been loving VCV rack lately and of course Reason CV and Reaktor.

What would I need to buy to add som CV LFO modulation to the 0coast?

EDIT: just went and checked the back of the keystep… wtf. Mod+clock+gate+pitch CV outs!! Awesome :slight_smile:
You can even map the mod to either mod wheel or aftertouch… damn I love that keystep lol. Never used it with CV… yet
The sequencer will be ace with an Ocoast


Also can anyone tell me if this comes with a switching PSU?


It comes with a multi-adapter, if that’s what you mean.


Yeah like 110-240v


I’m using mine with the moog mother 32 and it’s a delight.

It’s really nice to have something so different in my set up. And it sounds great through a reverb


I’ve mostly used an SQ-1 with the 0-Coast, but really need to try the Keystep too - especially as the Mod output can be applied to anything you like on the 0-Coast. Enjoy!


Connected the line out to OT MKII via the included cable and there’s no audible input signal.

Unplugging from line out half-way, there’s a signal. Do I need a different cable to feed MKII’s inputs?


Yeah, the included power supply works in Australia; it even comes with an AU plug. I ordered mine from Perfect Circuit and it arrived in a week!


Yeah its interesting, ive contacted a few USA sellers. Some have only 110V adapter, others have the worldwide adapter like you mentioned!


Huh, strange. Perfect Circuit seems to be the best bet, in that case. If you get it from their ebay store at the same time as an ebay discount code you can get it a bit cheaper; I ended up paying $645AU for mine including postage.


This sounds like the wrong cable… it should be a mono cable.


It looks like a TRS cable. The 0-Coast manual indicates that the line output is a “TRS Stereo Audio Signal, 3VPP”.


Try a mono cable.