Make Noise 0-coast


The O-Coast to synthesists is like the Iron Ring to martial artists…


From the first moments, I loved this sound and the sequencing! it remembers to some James Holden to me, don’t know why… nice done!


Big compliment sir, holden is one of my heroes :grinning:


Can anyone recommend a case for this so I can take it out of the house? I want something that will fit the O-Coast, power supply, patch cables and an Elektron Split Cable. I’m based in the UK so Amazon links would be good! What are you guys using? While I want everything to fit, I want it to be as non-bulky as possible. :slight_smile:


I could never get this to work to set up midi A & B outputs… anyone else having that issue?


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just wonder if it is possible to build a complex osc like patch with the o-coast or
do i need and ext osc to get it done?

and how do you guys feel about the modulation options on this device? (beyond am and fm)
thanks for the insights


there is only one vco in the 0-coast.
But… You have the typical wavefolder.
And you can use the slope at audio rate to get a second oscillator. It even can be calibrated.
The you can use the slope to fm the Vco.
I don’t own a real complex vco, but from what I’ve seen a DPO has far more options.
Still, the 0-coast sounds awesome imo. I love the wavefolder, and the fm sounds also really nice. But I use a separat oscillator for fm most of the time, keeping the slope free fpr modulation purposes.


Using cheap jack splitter is a good idea.

And I use A4 when I need extra modulation :wink:
But I’ve found 0-Coast is extremely well thought and so much fun to learn as a stand-alone device !!


thanks guys, yes the idea is to is to use the ocoast along with the a4.
so i could use one track output of th a4 to modulate the ocoast. i also have a mini modular system called tinysizer. wich on its own has two osc and fm options but the wave shaping options seems to be pretty limited.
i hesitate to start with the eurorack thing.

@Unifono is there something special to the make noise wavefolder/ waveshaper?


Special in what sense? Technically I don’t know, it just sounds amazing. To me, the whole 0-coast sounds like a single sweetspot, I love every sound I get out of it.
I only have digital wavefolders to compare (MI Warps, Reaktor Blocks, Softube Modular, U-he Repro 1) and I prefer the folder in the 0-coast. But it doesn’t go extremely nasty, if you want that…

Completely agree. Very well thought out. It also adds a lot of function to a small system.


parameters and of course sound wich seems to be pretty good.


I’m also loving my 0-coast :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of getting an A4 MK2 to go with it. Is it a good combo? Got any workflow ideas for inspiration purposes?


i got an a4 mk2 but not an ocoast yet :cowboy_hat_face:

so iam curious about this as well.


I repeat myself :smiley:


It was said before, but if you compare the modules and functions you get in a single 0-coast to equivalent eurorack modules then the 0-coast is certainly a bargain.


Cool little 0-Coast+A4MK2 video:


Has anyone tried modulating their A4MkII via CV/gate from a 0-Coast?


I might smoked to much, but afaik, there is no cv in, you can send cv to midi and configure overbridge, or something :slight_smile: …there must be a way.


Has anyone put sides/cheeks on their 0 Coast?

Has anyone found a dust cover or protection for the 0 Coast?