Make Noise 0-coast


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Really nice vídeo!


I’m thinking of getting one of these. What cables will I need to sequence it from my Analog Keys on the CV track? And does it play nicely with the OT too?


It has a midi input. So yes, it will.


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New semi-modular synths (split-off topic)

Does anyone know how to set the 0 coast up to be sequenced by the octatrack? Or Doepfer Dark Time by cv maybe another alternative open to me


The 0-Coast uses midi and if I’m not mistaken assignable cc messages to cv


Nice work. I came across it looking around YT. It certainly helped with my search.

I haven’t seen any videos where the two together act like a dual-osc mono synth. Guess I’ll have to go the store and patch them up myself.


thanks I found out on sonic state the exact cc’s etc as wasn’t clear to me


If you have Live/M4L then this is quite useful…


thanks I don’t but might get live in the near future, I got it working so all good now :grinning:


OK, so I’m getting one of these for my birthday on Sunday (I’m contributing quite a bit to it, of course!). As a total noob to semi-modular synthesis, any tips?


Can be used as a very solid bass synth.


Mine is coming today :loopy:


there are many 0-coast tutorials by make noise on youtube. A whole playlist featuring patch ideas. The manual is great as well, patch examples included.


I’m also ready to pull the trigger on one of these :slight_smile:

It looks like alien technology to me but it seems versatile for both crazy and normal sounds.

Also, I plan on adding either a Behringer Model D or mother 32 later. I think I’m going to be covered in the mono department with this setup.


That’s awesome, you’ll definitely be covered for mono.

I’ve got a 0-Coast and I love it. Really brings something a bit different.


Not the same, really, but I’d rather get an MS20…


start out with a basic drone (diagram for the basic patch in the manual), build on it. look up the Krell patch (one of the more complex-sounding, self-contained patches) for 0-coast on youtube - start there, play around with it, take it apart/deconstruct the patch–try out different variations on it. get a feel for what does what, the effects of the various objects and control functions - their behavior, etc. test things out, experiment - it’s very ‘hands-on’ and immediate


Hello 0-coast :heart: