Make Noise 0-coast


Thanks so much. That’s right some gear you buy simply because it looks fun but it doesn’t end up being what you need if you have a ‘style’. I’ve had (and sold) an OP-1 too, great piece of kit.


After a brief love period I’m afraid I don’t like the 0-Coast anymore. As a drone, weird sound generator I love it, but I really struggle to integrate it with my setup…


Exact reason I sold mine too. I didn’t want to go down the modular sound route with my music. It was fun though and I wouldn’t dissuade anyone from getting one.

Here’s another track I made to show off the more vanilla sounds I got out of it. I still decided not to keep it as it didn’t integrate with my ‘usual’ setup and after some experiments wasn’t really using it.


I’m still loving my 0-coast! This was a really fun set up: op-1 audio out to 0-C audio input. 0-C audio out to DT input. DT midi to 0-C. DT to mixer

The audio input is really fun with the 0-coast.


I’m looking at the 0-coast, along with a couple Bastl/Casper Electronics devices like the bitRanger and the softPop… wondering if anybody has any opinions/thoughts on the build quality of the Bastl devices, in comparison to the 0-coast. I appreciate any information or thoughts y’all could share regarding these items… thanks


Only comment I’d say about the Bastl units is they use the mini patch points, which fall out and are a bit fiddly, however they do have more capability to be patched in more ways. 0-Coast is super robust though, watch all the patches on the Make N0ise you tube channel, they are a good indicator of the sonic pallete.


I’ve got a Monologue and I’m really happy with the quality of the sounds, along with its features (sequencer, motion-lock, alt-tunings, key bed etc.), though I could use a note “latch” (for sustained sounds, without having to press the key down)

Wondering if the 0-coast might be too similar in its sound palette to warrant acquiring. I’ve watched dozens of videos and I really dig the functionality of the 0-coast, the direct interface of it. I like that you can get some pretty wild sounds out of it, without necessarily locking into a defined rhythm/pulse. Could I control the 0-coast (pitch, etc.) with the Monologue’s keyboard (MIDI) ? also, can the Audio Sync ports in back of the Monologue be used to control any aspect of the 0-coast? Apologies for the n00b-ass questions. Any thoughts are appreciated.


[quote=“bruin, post:313, topic:16955, full:true”]Wondering if the 0-coast might be too similar in its sound palette to warrant acquiring.
Not really! They’re similar in that they’re both based on analog oscillators, but the 0-coast doesn’t have a filter, and instead relies on adding harmonics to the base waves via the Overtone, Multiply and FM sections. It’s probably possible to get some similar tones from the Monologue, but the patchability of the 0-coast and ability to use the two envelope-like sections in weird ways make it possible to get really weird.

Yes to both. MIDI note data gets routed through by default, so you can play it totally unpatched from a MIDI keyboard. There’s a MIDI B section as well, which allows for either CC values to be assigned, or a second channel to control something else, like the Slope section, which can be used to generate sawtooth waves if configured correctly.
The MIDI B section can also function as an LFO with independent tap tempo.

In terms of the audio sync ports, I haven’t tried this extensively on Korg products, but you could route the sync out into the Tempo input of the 0-coast so you can sync the random voltage generator, arpeggiator etc. This worked pretty well with my Gameboy Micro running Nanoloop 2 so I’m guessing the Monologue would be similar.
It also could work the other way as well; you could do something wacky like setting the random voltage generator to control the speed of the Slope section on cycle mode, and then using the EOC (end of cycle) out to sync the Monologue, and then running the Monologue’s sync out back into the Tempo input on the 0-coast… instant fun weirdness.

Can you tell I love this thing? :smiley:
It’s really nice to just sit on the couch with headphones and mess around with, without the pressure of having to record everything (though I occasionally do stumble upon a patch I really like and have to either take a photo or go into the studio and record).


Thank you for the thorough response! It looks and sounds like a dope little unit, and it seems so popular among synth enthusiasts (with its near-unanimous praise). Shit, it’s not a bad thing. Honestly, I’m grasping for reasons to refrain from getting one. The 0-coast has been haunting me w/its face (layout), build, and the open potential (compatibility/playing with others). I’m wondering how well it performs (its control-ability and functionality) on its own, standalone (without extra input signals, DAW software, etc). Of course that depends on the user’s understanding and familiarity with the thing.

All of these great audio examples, patch tutorials, etc. exist online… it seems like a great piece of gear for live use, but also to really dig ‘in’ and learn about synthesis. I don’t know


As for standalone use, at first it can appear a little limited, but there are some patches that can play themselves and create interesting rhythms. If you haven’t already checked out Make Noise’s youtube channel, they have a whole series of interesting 0-coast patches to get you started.
It’s really nice to noodle around with by itself, but it really does pair well with a sequencer as well. I’ve been using mine with my Octatrack and it sounds great! Someday I’ll probably get an A4 to control it further via CV…


An A4 is a really good companion : with 4 CV, good FX and the fact that you can run it through the filters for additional mayhem, the two of them make a powerful combo !


Bastl Kastle is a fun and super cheap buddy to pair with the 0-Coast!


Reading over the specs, it says there’s a 3.5 mm TRS (stereo) to 1/4" TS (mono) cable included, but I’ve read that this cable is super short… can anybody confirm? Reading the 0-coast manual, it says that for a mixer (0-coast out to mixer), mono cables are ideal. Would I be ok using a 3.5 mm TRS to 1/4" TRS, or should I find something that is TRS to TS… again, sorry for the lame questions. People with an 0-coast, what is the ideal cable to run out of it to a mixer?


The TRS to TS cable is just an adaptor; the 6.35mm end is a socket, so you can plug your own cable into it. I actually didn’t realise that it was for output to a mixer! I’ve been using a 3.5mm TRS to 2x 6.35mm TS to either my mixer or octatrack without even thinking about it.


I don’t have mine at my side right now, but I’m pretty sure this audio cable is stereo (TRS) 3.5 mm jack to stereo (TRS as well) 6.35 mm jack.
From memory I’d say it’s 50 cm long.

I use it to plug anything with 3,5mm jack output to the 6,35 stereo jack input of the Deco (OP-1, POs…)

And I usually plug 0-Coast out to A4 inputs, thus using stereo 3,5 to dual 6,35 mono jack (not provided with 0-Coast).


Confirmed, TRS to TRS. I use it for all audio going into my Organelle.


question about price history: I’m thinking about buying an 0-C new as the second hand prices aren’t that good in relation to the conditions (even when built quality is great as far I can say from few times testing).

actual it is 575 €, so my question is: how is make noise handling prices? you think there is a chance of reducing the price sooner or later or are they keeping it where it is. for sure no one can tell if or when prices change, but if an experienced make noise user is reading this, an advice about price history for other modules is appreciated. thanks!

edit: do you know if there are additional fees/taxes when ordering from junoUK delivered to germany? they have an 0-C listed as new for 525 € incl premium shipped with fedex. is this the final price or will there be added some euro by delivery?


edit: do you know if there are additional fees/taxes when ordering from junoUK delivered to germany? they have an 0-C listed as new for 525 € incl premium shipped with fedex. is this the final price or will there be added some euro by delivery?

For now as UK is still in EU there are no additional fees/taxes. I do the reverse Thoman to U.K.


Thanks to your advise I orderd there one on satuday and received it today in Spain. Paid 526 euros and came with fedex prio. No extra taxes etc. Once Uk is out of the Eu we will have to pay extra taxes …

And I have no knowledge about this Synth but really makes fun and soundwise a nice addition.


I was sent this amazing video, cause I too have these two instruments.
Felt like sharing…