Make Noise 0-coast


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"MIDI-Controlled MIDI Clock Sync’d Glide/PORTAMENTO
Using MIDI CC 5 and 65, analog, fully programmable, clock-synchronized PORTAMENTO is possible.

Editing Other PGM Page Parameters using MIDI CC:
While the 0-COAST is in the PGM Pages it is also possible to program the 0-COAST PGM Pages using MIDI CC messages.
NOTE: these parameters can only be edited by CC while the 0-Coast is in the Program Pages. The 0-COAST will ignore these CC messages at all other times. There are also some additional parameters that may be edited by MIDI CC. These are Pitch Bend, AfterTouch and Velocity Scale and TEMPO IN Divisor."


Made a video for a patch I called 'Automatic Drum and Noise".




Made another patch video, I love the percussive capabilities of the 0-Coast!


Make Noise for President!


Mine arrived, great with Pyramid sequencer. Soon to be matched with DK


Excellent !!!


Just picked up the 0-coast the other day. I just finally got around to playing it.

Here’s a quick first patch recording. A little reverb and delay from ableton as any synth would love. Just a bit of self patching and wiggling. It gets farty.


Dude. That is dope as hell. I wanna remake it. Is it just as simple as copying your settings? Did you do anything in the PGM pages?


I’m not using the program pages on this one, feel free to copy the patch or just sample it.


Oh I’m gonna copy the hell out of it! I’m gonna copy it so haaaaaard.


This is definitely the next piece of gear I’m getting.
This thread has made it irresistible.


Dude, it’s the single dopest synth in my studio. It may be really limited in some ways, but the sounds that come out of it are ridiculous. If I could have this synthesis in an Elektron machine with the sequencer and everything, I’d be in heaven.


Yeah, the bass tones are very thick


I don’t use hardware synths that long, but for me the 0-Coast is simply one of the best semi-modulars I’ve ever played. With it’s large amount of modulation sources it gives a great source for inspiration. It can be very rough or simply clean. It’s a great companion to my A4. Check out this Techno performance I did recently. All 0-Coast sequencing was done with an A4 through CV.


I just got one of these in the UK from Juno for £449 and it’s flipping amazing! I guess it’s my first proper analogue synth, but I’m really pleased that I got it. I’ve not even used any patch cables yet (that’ll be a learning curve…), I’m just controlling it by midi from the Digitakt. I really like it and I highly recommend it!


Also horizontal desk space is kind of restricted for me at the moment, so I got one of these right angle lead adapters so that the power cable doesn’t stick out so far. Arrived in the post today and is a good fit:


I designed a 3.5mm midi adapter to convert from arturia/novation/ik multimedia type to korg/makenoise type, so for example you could use one to sequence the 0coast from a Beatstep pro, you get 2 pieces.


I don’t have my 0-Coast anymore but when I did I created this patch/melody and put it on my Youtube channel. Mother 32 “playing” the 0 Coast. The video had very good reception so just adding it here in case the pairing interests anyone. :slight_smile:

(Someone in this thread said Mother 32 is boring in comparison to the 0 Coast but I still have and love my M32 and sold the 0-Coast. We all fall in love with different aspects of our synths. Some we keep, some we let go)


Wow, that was really quite beautiful! I don’t blame you for selling your 0-coast though, it’s all about figuring out what works for you making decisions based on what you can get if you cash-in what’s not working. I’ve bought and sold an OP-1 twice now…