Make Noise 0-coast


Well, with A4 you can add envelopes and LFOs to your CV signal.
And also plocks and probability trigs, as well as arps…
Plus the filter and FX…

Well, a bunch of things O-Coast is lacking and totally enhance the experience.

These two are making amazing things together !


I’m looking forward to doing that - once I get tired of the current patches on the 0-Coast and Erebus, that is.


Im very new to the whole CV/Gate thing. I usually just use Midid. I have the A4 & 0-coast and just spent a couple of fruitless hours trying to get CV/Gate control from the A4 to the 0C. I can get a single pitch , on off (gated) tone but thats all.

Is there any chance one of the more experienced members here could write up a quick guide as to how to correctly patch the A4 to the 0C and what the configs on both machines should be - would be very grateful and would receive the stress just a little. thx very much in advance :slight_smile:


If you use MIDI to send notes (aka pitch and gate) you should use A4 CV to send values and use it to control e.g. harmonics or multiplicator…


If only a4 could send midi…


I’m interested in this one and wanted to ask if you could tell me a bit about your workflow with this unit.

Do you trigger it with OT and run a sequence while recording tweaks or is it more common to record a drone and process and transform it with some effects? Or do you sample one shots in order to import them into OT?

I know that all of this and much more is possible but please explain a bit about your ways.



I had the same issue here: Analog Keys CV problems - all keys send same pitch via V/Oct CV channel

I honestly don’t know how it got fixed in the end but it started to work after much messing around with it. A4 CV is just quirky and not very comfortable solution for sequencing. It would be so much easier and better if A4 supported midi sequencing but that is a subject that is not allowed to discuss much here in this forum, posts get moved to offtopic quickly if you start requesting that,

But anyway, just hang in there and try different things (reset project etc) and it should start working at some point.


no one?


all of those scenerios are great workflows and each depends on what you wanna achieve. there’s no better workflow over another, it’s just a matter of what you wanna do.


OCoast is very live oriented. I’m sure you can sample it but sending midi or cv to the arpegiator is super satisfying and live patching is straight forward given the limited options. Plus it’s small. May as well keep it in live and play with the knobs.


Hey for anyone interested in external signals with 0Coast




Can you re-post pls. Shows as unavailable


This could be the link @BeardyJack posted, just noticed it on YouTube…

External signal processing on the 0C by Make Noise


Got mine yesterday and started sampling the shit out of it while learning it with the manual open.

Loving it so far.



Anyone know where to find a midi implementation for editing slope or contour parameters for example, externally


I don’t have a 0-Coast, but editing by MIDI seems like anathema to the instrument’s design goal.

The manual says that you can use the on-board MIDI-CV convertor to convert MIDI CC1 (ModWheel) messages to a Control Voltage signal that you could patch to Slope Time input or Contour Decay input.


There is no such chart and no such MIDI control. It is intended to be modulated via CV.

Assigning the Mod Wheel as suggested is a good idea for a limited workaround, but by controlling something like the slope or contour by MIDI you are limiting yourself to 127 discrete values where CV is going to give you continuous control.


Real cool, thanks