MacOS Mojave to Catalina warning

Hello Everyone,
I would like to point something before you upgrade to Catalina public beta or later this fall. 32bits warning are more and more here. It was the case for full 32bits apps and vst. Now as everyone on Sierra we have message box to alert on future compatibility even with dependencies. Catalina will drop even more 32bits. That’s not really a problem, most of big companies will make (and probably started) to update their dependencies and components to 64bits.

But I would like to point out another thing is MacOS, iOS, iPadOS and tvOS will have connections even more to permit more actions hand to hand. To make it work with iMac and iOS, Catalina drop iPhone 6 and iPad Air. iPhone 6s and iPad Air 2 will be compatible for the last system os iteration.

So we are close to a MacOS with full incompatibilities with everything 32bits even parts of a software… and if you want at this point continu with iPhone, iPad and Mac you will probably have to renew your devices to newer version (or at least compatible one…)

It’s the perfect time with Sierra 10.14.6 to reinstall your computer, install everything you need to work and make an image disc (backup) before to do anything with Catalina. If you want to be safe and continu to make music in 2020 without any issue (Drivers, VST, Apps, Devices etc…)

If you’re serious with your computer, trust me. Be safe from this point… I feel like we will have some serious issue with Catalina for quite some time until every company make 64bits happen for good (including dependencies).

NB: i have by the past recommended for batch sample processing to use Myriad from Aurchitect Audio Software, also Triumph (for Audio editing) This apps are Gone ! If you reinstall your Mac and purchased this software… Try to copy paste preferences, every file you can backup to maybe have the chance to get it working a bit more. there’s a big problem with Aurchitect, you will not be able to activate anymore as website is gone, social media is gone… and you will not be able to contact the developper. Impossible to activate as it’s pass (originally) by the website to make it happen. This apps are lost. Your purchased is lost (as mine too). from that point. (You may have only one way is the last version from piracy, I generally not talking about this way but if you really need it that’s the only way to bypass activation today… even if you own the serial)



Thank you William, might be a good time to upgrade to High Sierra :wink:


The dark mode in Mojave is worth the extra leap if you can - but to anyone thinking about jumping to Catalina, i’d suggest playing the waiting game or offloading your current bootdisk to an external SSD as touched on - or ideally, only install Catalina on an external SSD/Drive and test the waters whilst keeping the internal drive as is - until a crash recently my philosophy was to stick at Mavericks - with hindsight it was clear that most stuff worked out ok, there were some casualties and some incompatible updates became compatible - but this next jump will probably lead to a lot of teething issues, especially if you run legacy gear that may not get 64bit support

Put another way, i can’t see any good reason to want to upgrade when a reasonably mature and modern OS is already out there - why bother, just wait a year or two for things to settle down


I can confirm that the MOTU tools (CueMIX, MOTU Audio Setup etc) do not work in the Catalina beta (as expected.)

Edit: C6 currently doesn’t run either. Nor MIDI Patchbay. (nor Aperture.)

The warnings are real.

I hope MOTU release some updated drivers! Using Windows to drive my UltraLite mk3 is arguably even worse than using the front panel controls :smile:



Thank you for the warning about the MOTU software. I do wish they would update their tools!


Well, I do hope Apple updates Aperture :wink: … and we still have Ambiance working in Catalina either way … oh … yes … and also forgot my Unsanity tools ehm. Thanks for heads up William, this is TGV ride … not sure I want to keep up…

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Still on Sierra lockdown over here too…

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Er… anyone has a 64bit alternative to C6? :sweat_smile:

For MIDI Patchbay at least there’s the source code on GitHub. I was able to recompile it for 64bits with just a few changes to the build settings. I don’t have an active paid Apple Dev account at the moment, so I’m not going to upload my compiled version here. But it should be simple enough for anyone who’s opened Xcode before.


By the way (…and I mentioned this in another thread), although I’m not planning to jump to Catalina in the short term, I’ve been trying Parallels running a Mojave VM - ironically under Mojave as host, to see if it’s looking good for some crucial 32 bit apps.

I’ve had success with Nord G2 editor and the Access Virus backup/restore application.

There do seem to be a lot of installers though, which are 32 bit applications installing combined 64/32 bit drivers and 64 bit applications. That’s possibly one area of concern.

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Are we going to hear from Elektron team about C6 64-bit compatibility soon? Considering Catalina will be released in some weeks.

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32 bits apps will be clearly rejected this time. Don’t update your system if it already works perfectly.


FYI, thought I’d share, the friendly folk at MOTU support tell me they’re working on a 64-bit macOS driver package, and that it will be released in the fullness of time.

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Not saying this negates the statement, but one good reason to stay up to date is to ensure you have the latest security updates installed. (I believe Apple has been pretty good about releasing security patches for previous generation OSes in the past, but something to keep in mind.)


Got to say, I’m more on this side of the fence than not. It’s been on the cards for years and shouldn’t be an issue. Kind of glad we’re finally seeing a cut off being implemented to be honest.

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Oh that’s great news! Did they happen to tell if legacy devices will be supported?

I think I read a while ago that elektron are working on a solution/replacement for c6 , no clue of when though.

I’m stuck on old os as my mac is old

Not in so many words, but I specified that I wanted to keep using my (10-year-old) ultralike mk3, and it was to that that they answered that a driver update is coming.

If I had to bet, I’d bet on them continuing to support whatever’s currently supported by the 32 bit macOS driver.

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Happy to hear that. Thanks again for the info @tengig . I got an 828 mk3 and was not planning on getting rid of it so soon :smile:

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There’s big on ABLETON too I receive a message for Ableton 9 - so everybody on version 9 should really not upgrade Catalina. There are working on a beta for version 10… So it really show in terms of timing, you should take care (if you still wan to make music without too much issues) and not upgrade.

I will keep myself on Mojave 10.14.6 for a while (like I never done that…) but this time I know why…