Request: 64-bit C6 or non-problematic Transfer


The new macOS version 10.15 Catalina is around the corner, macOS will cease support for 32-bit apps and our trusted OS-updating Sysex software C6 is only 32-bit. So the new macOS will render C6 inaccessible and that will result in a problematic Elektron OS-updates.

Transfer app is NOT REALLY STABLE for OS-updates, as many people –me including– are having problems with it to update their devices’ operating system (mostly freezes and can not update the OS).

So… are we getting a 64-bit version of C6 or will the Transfer app ever be fixed?


Just came on here to request a 64-bit C6.
Bumping this thread instead.
Hopefully there will be a fix soon.

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Bump :sweat_smile:

C6 will be deprecated and Transfer will be updated as expected.

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Hope that the update to the Elektron Transfer application does not experience the glacial development pace employed for Overbridge.