Machinedrum SPS1-UW X.05: the living documentation

Just watched this and literally my face just went :open_mouth:

I’m not sure I can handle this level of power


Loving the update!

Does anyone have an example patch where the ring modulation is really obvious? I’ve been trying to ring modulate two sine waves, but the result is really really subtle … I feel like I’m not doing it right.



ringmod at 127 can reduce overall volume of the EV track substantially, an NFX-CO afterwards helps make this up.


Thanks, good tip! … With a bit of careful playing with pitches I’m now able to get clangy bells :slight_smile:

Where can i find more infos about that tonal mode? I didnt get all of it. Would be also nice to find some documentation bout the new gnd mashines.
Thx a lot for the update love my md for a long time.

From X.04 changelog:
“TONAL” tuning implements a quater-tone equal tempered tuning scale across the PTCH
parameter of selected machines. When enabled, TONAL has the added benefit of
increasing the machine’s maximum tuning range.

So, in tonal mode, you can set pitch exactly to a note. But to play a track in the tonal mode (i.e. automate/p-lock pitch changes just by pressing MD step keys), you need a MegaCommand Live box. Without it, you have to set the pitch manually.

A few weeks back I bought a cheap tiny compressor pedal and a cheap tiny digital ringmod pedal. Probably $25 each and mostly useless. And now you drop free compressors and ringmods on us. :star_struck:

Do you have a tip jar, official MCL builder or some other way to thank you & team with more thank kind words?


Got some problems with getting the delay on the first neighbor track with the nfx ev. Am i missing something? I was cranking that button but i dont hear a delay.

what’s the track level or VOL on the first neighbour track? if it’s 0 then nothing is sent to delay.

if your sending that to the EV use the EVs delay

Thx for the answer. But i dont mean the send delay. I am talking about the envelope delay. Hoped i could get some groove by gating a noise from neighbortrack 1 and playing with the envelope delay. I got neigbortrack 1 far on 0 volume for that cause i dont wanna hear the noise.

yeah takes some experimentation to get used to the EV envelope staging.

starting with everything at 0 and building upwards at various stages can help with understanding the shaping.

LFOs on the attack and parts of the release stages can get amazing grooves

Yeah i tried that too really organic sound. But the delay is not working for me. Maybe its very very small like a phasecontroll for the ringmodulator that would make sense i guess if u use it like that.

Btw is there any way to get a mcl in germany or a pcp. Not a diy pro but i would love to play some machines with a keyboard. I guess there is no way to do that without mcl right?

You could map out the tracks pitch CC to notes with a Midi processor.

The EV delay only affects the far neighbour.

Never worked with cc messages at least not on purpose. I have to see if i got anything that handles these maybe my mpc or a programm on my pc. Anybody did it and can share some ideas? Or does anybody have a chart for the midi cc?

Hi @Synthpatic
just order a unit @ . It takes some time to arrive. I got mine (Leipzig) after 6 weeks. So you have to be patient.
For the midi cc thingie: you should try MidiOX. It’s very helpfull for something like that. But the mapping setup will be a pain in the ass :wink:


MDs CC assignments are listed in the MD manual.

Some kind of translator like MIDI Translator Classic | Bome Software


Uuh thanks for the link. But pricey bought my md for 350 EUR and they wanz 350 USD for the mcl. U could get a keystep for that money.

it does work but it’s not easy to program.
You can download bome midi converter, I may try to help you.
Midi CC are working. YOu have to create and define the note to CC conversions.
then eventually to have a “note rotation/CC rotation = message rotation on a defined track number”
you can ask on the bome forum mods are great help.

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