Machinedrum Sound Packs

With those new features now available, I rediscovered my MD.
Íd like to see how more experienced (or more talented) users create their sounds and learn from them.
As much as I love the MD for its sequencer and its ability to do quirky stuff I never managed to get really slamming and punchy sounds out of it.

So - do you know if there are any soundpacks for the MD available?

I haven’t come across any new sound packs as such but there are two sysex files for my two MD-only livesets (ambient/glitch/IDM, so these aren’t the punchiest sounds the MD can offer) that I made from April 2022 and November 2021. Each liveset was a little over 20 minutes long and the sysex includes all song, pattern and kit data. The first one was all done on the GND machines but in the second one I used some other machines as well, also a bit of internal sampling with the RAM machines.

So if you’re interested, the sysex files are free and can be found at the bottom of the opening posts in the threads below.

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i will definetly check these out. thank you so much!

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