Machinedrum secondhand prices are getting crazy

I am borrowing a friends MD since I wanted to get into Elektron gear without spending 2k on a new Elektron OT and drum kit. Love it. But why are these old units still so expensive? I see them online selling for over $600!


Because they are arguably the best machine that Elektron ever made?

Solid and reliable from the get go. A mature product from day one. Not plagued with issues. Instantly reliable.

16 freely assignable tracks which can be any Machine, including Midi machines.

Provide a wonderful array of digital drums, with a number of different drum synthesis types and flexibilty that can be mixed and match in any way you see fit.

Can be used as a 16 track drum machine, a 16 track midi sequencer, or anything in between. Used it once upon a time as 8 internal tracks; and 8 Midi tracks driving a JoMox 999… best of both worlds :wink:

User Wave models add in sample playback and sampling functionality. Sure it’s limited, and 12bit, but if you are not happy with the kicks, or snares, drop a couple of carefully selected samples in there to beef up where it’s lacking.

Ctrl-All, instant patch recall, wonderful “Classic / Extended” switch to trip cats up.

I’ve had a Machinedrum since forever; on my third now, went from a MD MkI (my first Elektron) to a MD UW MkI, to a MD UW+ MkII

What else are you going to get for $600; and how does it compare?


This is why o want to trade my rytm for a MD again. Would be my fourth MD. Maybe missing features of the sequencer are a little bit annoying but the sound cuts so well in the mix.
By the end of the day this is what it’s all about

This! So many sounds you could pull out of it just using the synthesis. Once you shift over into samples- just whoa!

Also the rarity has probably set in and each day past it’s funeral only inspires a greater longing for the machine.

If you’re looking for a similar sound- either go Microtonic for ITB- or try to find a Nord Drum 2/3P. Or possibly both with the TE Tonic PO


And currently the digital synthesis of the MD is not even ‘fashionable’. Once people rediscover how good these things sound and how insanely flexible they are, expect the price to get up to $2k+, assuming there’s no refresh of it and Elektron continues in the DT/DN mode of making things small, accessible, one-or-two-function, and instant (rather than the open-ended, near-infinite routing and capability of MD and OT)

don’t forget 2 mono inputs with possible external resampling

another set of individual outs with interesting routing

double trig tracks… as in hit 1 track and trigger another simultaneously



plus built in COMPRESSOR

don’t forget a design from the future

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I think the next instrument Elektron release will be a digital drum machine, and the MD’s won’t be so sought after.
Currently they are the only digital drum machine Elektron have released hence the price they still fetch


No doubt they will, and it will be highly desirable! But I don’t think Elektron is interested in making any more units that approach the open architecture and high learning curve of their earliest designs, so Machinedrums will still be highly prized and sought after by a certain kind of user.


600 is not so expensive, 3 years ago they were selling at 1200 / 1400.
Think of it like a minimoog, it is what it is and excels at what it does whether is new or old.




A few weeks ago I bought an UW+ in perfect condition for 600€ (750$). Very hard to find cheaper in France.
MKI can be 450€.
I can see many MDs to sell so maybe the price will be a bit lower…

Can you give me a hint to an ad?

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24 adds, main second hand musical gear in France.

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It’s funny to think there’s a certain number of them that exist and they float around…
I wonder how many there are?


Yup. Digidrum. Mark my words. Instant buy for me. Loved my MD with OTO Biscuit…


I literally won’t ever be selling my UW. And I hope it lives forever


And the digidrum will be 8-12 track audio and 4-6 miditracks. No separate outs. But looks amazing Next to the digitone :thinking:


ever heard of digitakt?

Probably better off making a bunch of “MachineDrums Outdated” and “Days of MachineDrum are Over” type threads. Then we’ll all lie on them saying how much they suck and that all these other things are so much better…


Machinedrum does this? I feature requested this for OT

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