M8 Tracker

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what is that?


That compact but missaligned arrangement of the buttons would drive me crazy … :smiley:


:smiley: It is visually disruptive. However, I’m guessing it’s so that two thumbs can simultaneously operate in tight quarters. Functional, but I agree on the visuals. :smiley:

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Oh i am following this on FB, awesome! Is this you?


looks good not sure about input method yet gotta watch the stream.


Admins! Big thnx!

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Very interesting video. Especially the part were he talks about instant loading of projects from the SD card or, if this will not work out, queue them up and at least preload the next one in the background (+).

He also thinks about sample streaming from the SD card (++).

Other pros (compared to polyend tracker):

  • various different synth engines (for example: integration of the plaids sourcecode)
  • MIDI: 8 different CCs per instrument
  • probably open-source (+++) … should make it easy to extend …
  • nice sounding master effects (chorus, delay, reverb)
  • tables and phrases
  • enduring gaming keys for input
  • probably low price point (~300.-)

This thing seems amazing… love all the different clipping options in the synth engines.

Seems teensy based from the tags, Trash80 knows what he is doing, so this could be a very interesting device indeed.

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I’ll keep a keen eye on this one. Very impressive

Trash80 is a legend for good reason. Really looking forward to seeing this develop!


Looks very interesting!

This looks amazing, watching the stream and the synth engines sound great

just watched the stream yeh really cool I just hope its not years away from a release!


that interface is beautiful. i’m excited to see how the sample playback engine works!

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That could be reaaaaally interesting ! Form factor, specs…Inevitable comparison to polyend…