Logic Pro X + Overbridge + Digi´s

Try it out tho. Is like to see if thats consistent.
Take out the OB and see if it syncs up better.
(If you dont mind)

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Sorry if I´m turning this into a Logic help center, but I (hopefully) have one last question:

Probably just me that´s too noob at this, but dear god this was more work than I expected. So I opened a new project -> software instrument-> multi (1x stereo 5 x mono)

Then I sent each track to a different Bus. Panned each buss all the way. Then I opened audio tracks, set the input to one of the Busses.
Each time I set a bus an Aux channels was opened. So I have 3 channels per track now. channel 1 seems to be the master.

The menu on my digitone says:
Route to main: 7/7
Send to FX 6/6

My recordings seems to have effects on them, but I might be wrong.
I read that FX might be sent separately?

My question is, does this look correct?

If so I guess I should save as a template, and I can do this again if I just change the names of the tracks. I am tempted to just record separate tracks in the OB recorder and drag the files into Logic, but I feel determined to make this work now!

Again thanks for all the help!

Hard to tell exactly but that looks like it’s working to me. For the sends, you probably should set them to zero, rather than turning them up all the way as that adds gain

The individual tracks won’t have FX on them. If you’re hearing the FX it’s because the master out from the Digitone is playing through Logic’s main outs too (either because you recorded the master, or because Logic is monitoring your DN and your Digitone is playing) . Try soloing your recorded audio tracks – they should be dry.

If you want to record the FX separately, you’ll have to mess with the voice routing so only the FX tracks are getting sent to your main DN outputs, then you can record the FX track from the main outs.


I messed around with this a lot, but I’ve found that, if Overbridge is enabled in the Digitakt’s own settings, then I can just take separate inputs for each of the 10 tracks using the Core Audio. I don’t need to use the Overbridge plugin at all.

I do wonder what inputs 9 and 10 do though.

Hm so if got you right, to record 10 tracks from your Elektron Device, you need these 10 plugin tracks + 10 busses + 10 audio tracks taking audio from the busses ?
That’s 30 tracks and a huge CPU load.
Don’t you guys know any cleaner solution ? Even though it obviously works, I can’t believe it’s the only way to do it …

No, just one plugin track, with the outputs that you specify (plus the busses, and audio tracks to record the audio). the CPU load isn’t especially high IMO. there might be a cleaner way to do it that doesn’t require the use of busses, but the method I outlined works OK for me. If you want it simpler (no plugin, just the outputs direct to their own tracks), you can probably use the method that @Mistercharlie outlined to just grab the audio outputs

Yes, of course, that was the method I used before, but I want to take advantage of the AU plugin, it’s absolutely awesome.
But thanks for your answer, I’ll go for it and hope my old macbook will take it :smile:

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