Live record mod wheel PB data from external keyboard?

+1 to this. Wish I could at least get soft midi cc through, so that i can control my prophet from its own knobs, while it’s in a midi loop via the digitakt. I’m gonna try merging the digitakts through signal with it’s out signal, but I’m afraid i could get infinte midi feedback loops. Anyone tried this kind of setup?

Yes, that does work. MERGE OUT AND THRU.


There is a problem with this solution if you use the digitakt to route your controller to different destinations depending of the tune. Which for me is an excellent feature (not really usable because of those DT limitations).

If for example you use Midi Track A to route on channel 1 or 2 depending on the pattern to control synth 1 or synth 2, your notes on/off will be on a certain channel and the CC on another one.

That’s why, for me this solution didn’t really work.

to me is really ridiculous to devo te to an external merge box what just few lines of code in a new firmware could fix.
I wonder after all of these request what keep elektron devs busy with than just an easy fix

really disappointed… if somebody wanna swap its mpc1000 i am ready to ship my digitakt


So frustrated to have discovered this limitation. The inability to record pitchbend or modwheel data from a connected MIDI keyboard is sad. It is even sadder that the DT can’t at least pass pitchbend and modwheel through for performance. The lack of these things makes the MIDI sequencer part of the DT so much less useful than it could be with this very small change. I very much doubt this is a huge engineering challenge, so PLEASE Elektron, help us out with this.

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