Live record mod wheel PB data from external keyboard?



After having the Digitakt a while and only using the sample tracks until now, I’ve just got into the MIDI sequencing side of things and have been finding it great - the simplicity feels very liberating compared with DAW sequencing.

BUT… I’ve also just discovered the DT won’t receive or even pass through PB or MW messages. It’s crazy and very disappointing. The DT is supposedly a fully fledged MIDI sequencer as well as, of course, a drum machine. So I don’t think it’s unreasonable for us to expect this to work.

Does anyone know if Elektron know about this and/or has plans to fix it?


+1 Yes, please implement pass through! The digitakt is the main router for my midi keyboard to all of my synths. This means I effectively can’t use MW, PB, or AT, without some reconfiguring on the fly. But I love being able to change my MIDI output by changing midi tracks in the DT.


HI All

I think I have a fix !!!
digitakt midi tracks can receive midi CC inputs (like modweeh, sustain or whatever) but these inputs need to be routed to the 8 midi param the digitakt allow you to parameter
( page filter, val1 ; val 2 etc.)
this is not explained in the manual but the “filter midi page” of the digitakt receive same midi ins as the filter page for standard tracks
val 1 get midi CC 70
val 2 midi CC 71
val 3 CC72
val 4 CC73
val 5 is CC74
val 6 is CC75
val 7 is CC76
val 8 is CC 70

then you need a midi keyboard with assignable modwheel ( mine does that)
route your modwheel to midi CC 71 ( for ex)
and then on Cc select page (= amp page) on the digitakt route sel1 ( knob A) to midi cc1 = modwheel
then you can off course route whatever you want !
you can off course use multiple midi pages on digitakt if you want top control more than 8 param ( in channels give them the same midi channel)

limitation : as already said in this forum when you record modwheel, it just has different values on each step, not a continuous change

Improvement I’d like to see from elektron : accept midi ins on Midi source page

hope this will help you !


Rituun - some good ideas there, thanks! With some fiddling about I did get the modwheel working… but obviously needs to be setup for each MIDI track - doesn’t work with a synth’s default modwheel settings.

You don’t mention the pitchbend wheel at all - that’s really the major thing missing. Don’t suppose you’ve had any luck with that? On my keyboard at least, it’s not assignable, unlike the modwheel.

Elektron - please sort out pitchbend on the Digitakt!!




Thanks! The trick worked, but Elektron please give use the real deal!


same for the pitchbend. i don’t think there is anything doable. sorry


Still nothing here?
Can’t fu**in belive it elektron…!!!


Same as everyone else, I would love Elektron to update this…the Digitakt is the main hub of my setup and it feels very limiting to not be able to use the pitch or mod wheel when I’m controlling another synth with it.




So, shock horror, with the launch of the Digitone Keys, Elektron have finally proved that they know what the pitchbend and modwheels do :slight_smile:

They also know what Portamento is…

All good news!

So, PLEASE Elektron, let’s see these very standard features (at the very least pitchbend MIDI in) make their way to the Digitakt. It really is a massive oversight right now.


Adding another request to the pile. It’s kind of a hilarious limitation when you consider everything else the DT can do. I’m sampling audio, arranging drum patterns, sequencing several synthesizers, p locking CC values, using it as an audio interface, and feeding everything in to Ableton through a USB cable.

Its like owning a car that makes French toast, but doesn’t have a cupholder.