Let my Rytm go and go with Syntakt?

Yes I have the grey and it is the best color


I compared the analog machines on the syntakt and the ones on the rytm mk II.
It´s hard to get the exact same sound, scaling of the parameters is different. On the rimshot the sym knob is missing. Tuning is also different, as well as the character of the drive knobs and of course the filters.
For my ears the overall sound and character is also different. ST is punchy and clear. Rytm has more stereo width - sound is broader, bigger and rounder. I wouldn´t say one is darker than the other… depends on how you dial in your sounds.
So only regarding to have the syntak for having the analog machines (despite all the other different features) of the rytm is no solution for my ears.
But overall two great boxes. A lot is written about the rytm …
Syntakt has realy cool master fx features. Also the bit-crush sounds/character on the digital clap and synt bits machine are special and cool.


Wouldn’t that be more of a hardware thing, to get them to track better? Curious if someone technical can speculate; or if we’ve already seen from the first inside guts pictures if the ST DVCO’s are the same hardware components as Rytm.

interesting! looking forward to the first video showcasing the difference in sound between the analog machines of RYTM vs ST

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Yeah, I have no idea about how these things work. But it makes sense that it could be a hardware thing. Would be interesting know more about that

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I am keeping my rytm mk2 and letting the syntakt go. Rytm is much much better for drums.


haha are you joking or do you have both at the moment and compared them?

Whom are you referring to?

sorry I meant @mbang

Yes i have actually, and i compared. In what way is the Rytm mk2 not better for drums in your opinion? I really want to know, since the Rytm mk2 is a totally awesome drum machine. It´s got way, way more depth than syntakt. Syntakt is good, don´t misunderstand me - but it´s not as complete a drum machine as the R2.
I also have a MD mk2 and with those two i can do much more drum-wise than the syntakt can ever do.

Syntakt was/is great, but if you already have Rmk2 and MDmk2 it´s not necessary. I also have MnM and the synth is better there too, i can do way more. Note: i don´t use internal FX on eiter MD or MnM, i use them with effects in BitWig instead so i get them clean into the DAW.


I never said Rytm MK2 is not better for drums. I just opened this topic to see if people were considering selling their rytm’s now that ST came out. I realise there are many differences so it will come down to personal taste and peoples financial situation (because keeping both is always the best ofcourse!)


I think this thread has convinced me to get a AR.


Wow sounds like you already have all their most fully featured flagship machines for the jobs that Synakt would be doing. Nice collection! Since i don’t have a MnM or MD, I’ll be using an AR and Syntakt, which i think will pair nice together.


I have the ARmkII, and got the ST two days ago. The Rytm has some features that make it the better choice for many folks, but for me personally I think the ST is the better option.

Reason is that the features that are unique to ARmk2 are features I don’t use. Like sampling, scenes/performance-macros, song mode or kits. I actually find kits a little cumbersome for my use.

The ST has the fast and direct workflow that I love from the DT, it is more travel-friendly, it has the great sounding digital drum engines in addition to the analog ones I love from the AR. And I wanted a master LP/HP-filter, and the ST has that too! Might just be my fave drum machine ever!


This is exactly what I expect to experience given my low use of the AR specific features.
But to each his own! very curious to see head to head sound comparison examples of the analog machines though…

After my first hour with ST, I can safely say the AR MkI isn’t going anywhere.

The ST is really nice, it sounds great and has a lot to offer, but the AR has tricks up its sleeve that I would miss immediately if I sold it.
Most glaringly: slide trigs. ST (and DT) simply cannot make the same type of fluid-pitch melodic or bass lines like Rytm does. The workarounds on ST and DT take too long to be useful live.


Interesting point about slides. I haven’t used those on the AR yet, but maybe I should it a try. :slight_smile:


Don’t tell the Waiting for our Syntakts to arrive folks that you already got your Syntakt AND that you are returning it :shushing_face:


Haha… it’s true though. It’s great but i felt almost immediately it was redundant.
However, i am sure everyone almost will love it, and they seem to pump out units very fast so you will get yours soon!

I thought at first that I would sell my AR if I get the Syntakt because I don’t use samples but nah. The pads, if not perfect, with scenes/performances/mute are so performative, I would miss that too much and well, the analog voices are great too.
So Syntakt + AR might be a solution or well, no Syntakt (sold out anyway). The AR has it all really.