Let my Rytm go and go with Syntakt?

Hi everyone!

so this might be the GAS talking, and that video of ezbot with the octatrack AE (which I have too) together with the syntakt (great pair aesthetically and form factor) made me contemplate, what if I sell my Analog Rytm MK2 and get the syntakt…Will I regret it?

a few questions:

  1. are the analog drum machines in syntakt the same as in AR?
  2. no compressor in the syntakt, but maybe with the routing and envelope you can do sidechain compression only on the melody/synths and not on the kick (not possible in AR)?

ofcourse I’d lose the sampling, but I hardly ever layer a sample over an analog machine and octatrack can do the sampling. I don’t use the individual outs either.

Am I overlooking anything?


I also like the FX routing options, and the mixer for the external audio (don’t understand why they didnt implement this in rytm yet), ah! and 2 lfo’s per track…


If you don’t do it you’re gonna look at your rytm with disappointment. If you do then you’re gonna miss your rytm when the hype wears down. All in all, it makes no difference. Do what makes you happy man but just sit down and make a couple of beats with your rytm before you dump it and have a think about it


It’s basically three off the bottom row and an expanded cymbals machine off the top row.

I think they’ve been improved or updated to some degree, but I’m not too sure how exactly.


The tuning on the DVCO is more stable. It tracks better across the note range. On the Rytm its a bit wonkier.


Yes, you can send any tracks you like through the FX block (which is the filter, distortion and VCA) so it’d be easy to mimic side chain compression with it, as I think the VCA has an envelope and is plockable through the FX track too.


When you return to this thread in years to come those words will come back to haunt you


I’ve just sold an AR and am now buying an ST, because I wasn’t happy with the AR.

If you’re happy with the AR I really don’t think the ST is worth selling it for, unless you really want the digital stuff.


seems like if you browse here long enough all words do. On numerous occasions I’ve been reading old threads to realise that I was part of the conversation and there’s a bunch of comments I have no recollection of posting whatsoever


This is true☺️


External In is a hardwired analog signal path to just before the compressor. They can’t change it in software.

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I believe this can be improved through firmware upgrade, alongside other upgrades form Rythm. Otherwise they will have to lower the price of their current most expensive product.

I’m going to keep my Rytm for a while and see if some of those features from Syntakt will be included in Rytm as long as the firmware upgrade allowes. I am mainly looking forward towards modifiers, improved DVCO, FX routing options, additional VCO, mixer, maybe additional machines and some of the digital machines as well (unless that’s not possible by the design).

The upper price for Rytm will be then justified and you will know what you are paying for.


I would wait a bit until a.) hype dies down and honeymoons end and b.) Elektron are given some time to update the AR.


I’ll admit the analog engines are underused on my Rytm II (I do like’m, just not the sound I’m after at the moment), but I love the way samples sound on this thing, and sending the samples through the analog filters and compression is great. Also love the workflow, the kits, the larger lay-out. And it just has this dark sound that sits well. So for me, it’s the Rytm, but for synth based percussion the Syntakt does seem very nice, I would be curious to see if it has the same sonic footprint as the Rytm in terms of this big dark and wide stereo sound that I love so much…


This is a good point.


what made you unhappy with the AR? perhaps we are in the same boat.

regarding the analog FX, the drive is like the analog heat right? but there is no saturation/clean boost option in ST?

thats a shame, then I know that that will never be changed in firmware :(. I’d love to be able to just have volume control over the external input

@charliebay said it: they need some reason(s) to justify the price difference at this point.


this is a good point, I will probably be able to sell the rytm for more if a firmware update comes along

When rytm came out, many people sold their machinedrum. I think there is much regret now :wink: