Korg Volca Modular


Micro System!


Cheers. Which is the better of the two do you think apart from the synthesis.




I have the microvolt and love it, not sure what you mean by ‘apart from the synthesis’ it can do really good basic subtractive sounds on top of some buchla-esque weirdness, the LPG has 2 modes that are very distinct one plucking mode and one that makes it a lot more like a traditional VCA. I’m still looking at the volca modular as a companion to it.


I so badly want to try one of these out but am finding it neigh impossible to get my hands on one. :sob:


Sure. Also, you can add and syncronize other Volca boxes of your choice to widen the sound options even further. This can open some interesting doors creatively.


Good luck! I found mine used (barely) on Reverb. I felt slightly burnt after seeing this volca, but at the same time there’s so much more that the Microvolt does and it has a unique sound and feature set. It’s also built like a classic.


At a street price of about £165 though, this little Korg might just prove be too tempting to resist, even if it’s just for pissing about on, taking on the train etc…


I saw the comparisons to Bram Bos iPad apps on the AB forum yesterday - more power to Korg if somebody there got some inspiration from Bram - not just the West coast idea but also the ideas incorporated into the new Modular and Drum Volca units.

My next job is most likely going to involve riding on a train 45-min each way, so being battery powered and small, for me, wins over more capable, but physically larger and not battery-powered options.


Both have its strengths and weakenings. Depends on what you are looking for. Then there is also the ZeroCoast. Volca modular is a complete package, but IMHO either unit needs a multitracker or at least a Sound on Sound Looping device to get the Most Out of them. For commuting people i suggested the iPad Options which offers a huge amount of additional Options. Featurewise the Volca might beat the Ripplemakler, but being on an ipad you can Route the Ripplemakler Output to other Apps too for further mangling. Plus an iPad has the public acceptance factor, which is None to Zero for a Volca modular. In a Public place using that thing …blinking and beeping Box with open wires…might end up in black SUVs from Homesecurity hijacking you…
Sonically the Volca sounds quite raw in a Bad way to me, i prefer the Microvolt and ZeroCoast for its more organic sound, but those dont have the built in reverb, but will much better integrate with Eurorack.
And to make it even worse for you…there are more Options. Behringer Neutron, Moog DFAM, Moog Mother32, Arturia Minibrute 2/2s…


Bram Bos Ripplemaker is clearly inspired (almost a copy) of the Make noise 0 coast, as is the Volca modular.
Bram Bos Noir is clearly inspired by Moog DFAM


Plus sequencer plus fx. Ripplemakler, ZeroCoast and Volca modular are rather inspired by Buchla Music Easel. Look at the colors…clearly Buchla Style.

I read an Interview with Make Noise that their Oscillator Design is strongly inspired also by the Moog Voyager. And so is the Moog DFAM.


The comments on the AB forum focused mostly on the sequencer - especially Stochastic mode, which has not been seen on previous generations of Volca products. Naturally, similar comments were made about the Volca Drum and it’s randomize functions, also not previously seen on Volca sequencers. The probability/randomization stuff stuff is part of the Bram Bos “brand”, if you will, probably because of the popularity of Rozeta, Ruismaker FM, etc.

I’d like to assume they know that Don Buchla’s work is the origin of all West coast synthesis, but education level seems to vary over there - then again it’s like that on all forums, isn’t it…


I was thinking volca modular, werkstatt and koma electronic field fx myself


Zero-Coast/0-Coast is literally an East meets West Coast synth. Make Noise is geographically very close to Moog Music, so not surprised they used a Moog design or Moog-inspired design for the oscillator.

Anyway, my point is if you’re looking for a small East-coast inspired patchable modular/semimodular and considering the 0-Coast, you’ll have to accept that it comes with the West-coast side too, whether you like ir or not.


My next job is probably going to be in a city where the FBI has headquarters, and CIA and NSA are nearby. :female_detective:

Will let you all know if I get arrested for using a Volca Modular in public, on the Metro. I’ve used my Volca Keys on the Metro without incident - eventually playing a solo set with the presets and sequences I created on it, but then again it’s not as naughty and risque as the Modular, exposing wires and jacks for all to see. Also, most Metro riders stare at their mobile devices instead of observe what other riders are doing, especially if there’s a crazy person on train - nobody wants to make eye contact with him/her.


hahaha completely true. I can almost guarantee this will happen to some unsuspecting synth enthusiast. The idea didn’t even cross my mind but most people don’t know what a modular synth even is


Alright, while we’re still talking about gleefully making noise on little battery-powered Buchla style modulars, some possible cases for additional protection/organization (pocket to keep the reference cards, cables, spare batteries, etc.); stick your Volca into it before tossing in your backpack/briefcase/whatever:

Sequenz CC Volca line - bunch of color options available - about $40 at Sweetwater:

Vaultz Pencil Case - $13 to $15 at various stores, but might need additional protection inside the case for the Volca knobs:


:rofl: You speaking from experience?


I’ve used my volcas on the metro too and other than a few glances and a conversation with a guy who was going to buy his wife a MIDI controller, no one has cared.

Volca on the metro beats iPad every time. Because hardware. iPad is still only “so” much fun for me.