Korg Volca Modular


Just noticed the Volca modular has no midi input, I wonder if there are points on the pcb to add it?


My interest has actually grown in this little box. Can’t believe I’m only seeing it today as there are tonnes of YouTube videos on it some dating back 3 weeks!

Wondering how this could be triggered by my digitakt but no midi in…

I suppose I would need a midi to cv converter but that’s a whole other rabbit hole i don’t know I want to go down


It just became public those videos were likely uploaded three weeks ago and set to go public in the last couple days.


The patch points seem pretty well implemented, lots of patching ideas, especially when other gear is patched in.


In case this hasn’t been posted - module by module walkthrough of the device:


from the manual:

CV–IN jack
This jack allows you to connect two external control voltage sources to the volca modular. The left channel (tip) of the input is clipped to +/-5V and scaled down to +/-3.3V, whereas the right channel (ring) of the input expects a 1V/octave signal (0–+6V) and converts it to the volca modular’s internal pitch offset voltage control signal. Connecting a 3.5mm mono patch cable to this jack will result in the same signal being applied to the CV and Pitch Offset inputs.

No word yet on how you’d get CV out to Eurorack, which is not mentioned anywhere as a feature. Looks like you’d have to scale from +/-3.3V. I’m sure some clever solutions will emerge. An enterprising company should totally offer up a Volca-Modular-to-Euro module in 2hp, hint hint.

For CV in, the Elektron CV/Audio Split Cable Kit might be your best (though not the cheapest) bet for using both the left and right channels of CV.



I am not sure if i need this. Bram Bros Ripplemaker is already great enough for mobile Westcoasting…and saveable and integrateable too. http://ruismaker.com/ripplemaker/
9€ but only for iOS.


Its a soft synth


I’m pretty sure you don’t need it. The question is, do you want it…
Ripplemaker is nice, but I don’t think an ipad app is a good comparison


Is there a small East Coast thing similar to this?




Not my cup a :tea:
Safe the cash, get a little LF0/FX eurorack skiff, Tony


Well you are right, the iPad App UI is Not as fiddly…:stuck_out_tongue:



I love everything about this except for the lack of MIDI IN. Granted, I could probably control it with my A4 or use the MIDI B of the 0Coast, but I’d much rather have the ability to control it right from my DAW.



??? The Microvolt has a Midi to CV converter.




Which has me thinking, Werkstatt and Volca Modular paired together might make an interesting mini-system.