Korg Volca Modular


Those pencil cases for the volcas are awesome. I’ve got three of them, one for each Volca. :slight_smile:

There’s space between the lid and the Volca knobs, so you shouldn’t just bang it around, but the space is useful for bringing cables or, my favorite, the parameter card for the Volca FM.


When I had my op-1 I was in a coffee shop with headphones in. a man pointed at me and loudly said “ha! Like Rolf Harris!”

Best to be careful what instruments you use in public


people thinking of connecting the patch points directly to things like Kastl/AE modular/Axoloti.
please bare in mind this is bipolar +/-3.3v , 5v systems like these are unlikely to like negative voltages much :wink: … and the Volca probably wont like 5v too much either.

of course, your fine with proper CV IN, thats going to be ‘protected’.

I did a post on this on the AE modular, and what might be required to interface directly with AE modular.


good news, is Robert (from Tangible Waves) is considering making a bridging module for AE modular,
so this means you could get a Volca Modular and then extend it by using AE modular…
(which seems a reasonably logical step given the AE modular is also pretty low cost)


An enterprising soul who wants to make and sell breakout CV interface boxes would make a few dollars, I suspect.


I’m with ya on the iPad thing. I’ve been productive on occasion w/ iOS apps, but the unpredictable touch response, especially knobs turning the opposite direction of my finger swipe, has been a continual problem. Model 15 has been ok to use, because it lets me connect cables without drag-and-drop. I’ll see what happens when I reach the Ripplemaker portion of the “Modular Synthesis for IOS” course. Bram Bos’ apps all sound great, so I get some folks’ preference for Ripplemaker’s sounds over the Volca Modular’s, but after some iPad time, I can barely wait to switch back to a physical synth.

It does seem like the Vaultz cases have more room for packing cables and cards. I’m sure I have enough extra bubble wrap lying around if needed too.

That was cool somebody was moved to talk about MIDI controller shopping.

In case others are reading, the city papertiger and I work in is full of people who tend to be kind of secretive and want to to mind their own business; and expect others to do the same ;).


I live in the EU…we have no Homelandsecuritything…


But the CIA and the NSA are all over your biz.
Then again even they probably know a Korg Volca when they see one :joy:


I think I am warming up to the volca modular even more now, having seen TE PO modular prices and features they come with. Seems like the 200€ volca modular offers much more bang for the buck as a “my first modular” kind of a thing… but then again, no true 5V CV so YMMV

Oh yeah, Korg is now also selling cases etc for volcas:

I kinda like that 4 volca case… no idea what it costs though


In U.K. the single Volca cases are about 25-30 with the quad case coming it at 100, I was looking the other day :shushing_face:


thanks. if its around a hunned I’ll probably get one.

But ATM I only have two volcas… need to get a volca modular and a volca mix to fill out the box :diddly:


Yeah I only have the Sample and the Mix but pre-ordered the Drum and Modular, hence my investigation.
Bought the mix new for 90 before Xmas as I have both my brother’s Monotribes and it’s nice and neat.


But does it krell?

Okay, trolling aside, how do you expert modular synth guys think it compares to say a 0-coast? In terms of sonic flexibility? (Semi)-modular synths have interested me for a while and 0-Coast seemed like the first that could possibly fit into my budget. And this is even more affordable! Can you get a generative patch going on with these things or do you need that huge wall of modules and a kilometer of cables?

Still waiting to see some more inspiring video demos on the volca, the few that have surfaced are mostly boring bleeps and bloops. On the other hand there are many 0-Coast demos with cool and interesting bleeps and bloops (of course it’s been out a long while)!


It is a self containing instrument with sequencer and parameter automation. You don’t need any external gear to operate this and make your music. But it’s not generative in classical sense.
Edit: having a closer look, it seems there are still some generative elements as the envelopes are offering end of cycle triggers that can be patched back to the input.


A lot of generative patches rely on a quantizer to sound musical. Otherwise there’s the risk of slipping into boring bleeps and bloops territory. But as you said, interesting bleeps and bloops do also exist


Ok so if I would want to create generative patch on this on, I would use the envelopes patched back to the themselves (trough divider and comparator circuit) but also patched into the SYNC input with 3,5mm breakout jack (with floating ground). I would also solder some simple DIY mults (passive) to send the signal to the different inputs at the same time.


As far as the soundsystem of my phone goes, i like that raw sound. See some potential for techno use :slight_smile: and you can sync it to euro rack with the sync in/out. Pams new work out works great.


should do :slight_smile:

main aspect of krell, is s&h /random and having env that can cycle (with end of cycle) and modifiable attack/decay… all seem to be present.
sure pitch won’t be quantised, but we all know advanced alien lifeforms have moved beyond western scales.

edit: this shows a good patch diagram for krell


Where’s Tod Barton when you need him?:joy:
Imagine two of these as a Krell patch, if I had the sheckles I’d buy this. Twice.


I think Volca Modular and 0-Coast are too different to compare, beyond being at different price points.

The zero in 0-Coast means it is a hybrid east-coast/west-coast synth. Volca Modular makes no pretensions about having an east coast side.

0-coast has a solid track record and you be able to get a lot of help using it here, because it’s so popular.

The Volca is meant for tossing in your backpack/whatever and having fun in the park or some other place.


There is a whole other thread on comparing the two where the consensus seems to be 0-Coast is better but I’d tend to agree with you that it’s an unfair comparison. I think I might head over there to offer an alternate perspective… stay tuned.

In the meantime though, I’m really quite taken by Volca Modular. The patching offers lots of option and potential so I’m not overly fussed about the limited potential for interfacing with external CV. And in my estimation, the Volca sequencer is what gives it a unique edge. The usual Volca tricks are augmented with a stochastic mode and with all the motion sequencing. I suspect I’ll pre-order this… which would be a first for me. I’m much more of a wait until they’ve been out a while and snag a deal type of chap.