Korg Volca Modular


200US not bad

Mod Edit : Link/Pic


Ha. It was real after all.


SOLD! (Complete sentence)


Damn, it is real. It’s a volca o-coast


sweeeeeet! Microtuning, didn’t expect that tbh

how many of these you reckon could be used simultaneously? Filling a volca mixer with these sounds like fun!

In any case, getting at least one of these to add to my volca collection (keys, sample)


pretty cool


This actually looks kinda fun. Hmmm. Volca drum also looks cool.


I’m completely sold on the volca drum.



I’ve been keeping a hesitant eye on the volca line- they wowed me with the sample almost had me buying in the FM, but THIS one has me mighty impressed.

Thank you Korg, very cool


Volca Benjolin when


Right after Volca Keytar.


Wow. They sure know their market with that video. I feel dirty.

But shoot it looks great. Are there adapers for those style of patch cables for “normal” patcg cables?


Right?! I’d like to finally be able to utilize the cv outs on my A4- I suppose I could use the CV in(I suppose that’s for notes) but I’d like to see what sequencing options I’m provided by the A4


Are they paying homage to the Buchla Music Easel with the design choice, btw?


they really seem to continually improve the volca line


Its certainly been an interesting thing to witness.

Such magnificent sonic capabilities within a budget line.


You sexy little thing…you


Disappointed korg felt the need to shoe horn in the modular hype into what is an already unique and solid line of equipment.

I will pass.


Well shit. Never wanted a volca or been seriously interested in modular but could see myself copping this.


How you gonna get A4 CV into those tiny connector cables though? Do adapters exist for this kind of connector? I’m assuming its the same connector as used on the moog werkstatt?