Korg Volca Modular


the ubiquitious Mr Devine




RD could have just farted into a field recorder and got 1000 likes :rofl:


Imagine what RD could do with 4 of these in a cluster.




Half Life 3 confirmed :joy:


Don’t threaten me with a good time. Lol



Cool! Thanks!


some of his demos suggest exactly this workflow :joy:

(just joking, he obviously knows his stuff;) )


in the states, Kraftmusic, Musician’s Friend and ToneTweakers all have 'em for pre-order. probably others. no Sweetwater yet though.


Nice to see Korg returning to battery options for these 2 new Volcas, I think the low sales of the Volca mix made them see the error of their ways, it is currently the cheapest Volca with some places blowing it out at £101.


this needs Clouds

  1. I’m happy that this is real. I’m basically on a “no new gear (except Volcas)” fast right now. I have them all except for Mix and they’re so good in limited space.

  2. the modulated on-board reverb is sick. I’m happy to have that in a small affordable hardware unit.

  3. Does no one see the 3.5mm CV input jack as they’re wondering “oh however am I gonna interface this to Eurorack?”. Granted, it’s only a single patch point (possibly two patch points), but you can do a lot with this. The Bastl Kastl has a similar IO port that I’ve used to interface with the Analog 4 with no problem, and with requiring no bridge in between.

I’m really happy with this and what I’ve seen so far of the Volca Drum and can’t wait to have them in my studio.


The new Volcas are now available for pre-order on Sweetwater in the USA.


it’s this - so a shared pitch/gate combo jack (somewhat like they had squirrelled away on the monotribe)


I’ll probably make up some little adapter PCBs/kits to facilitate easy patching.


F***, he deflored it. Now i can´t order one anymore. Now my last hope is Minilogue XD and Volca drum.


Sweetwater has more info:

CV in for modular connectivity

Eurorack fans at Sweetwater were pleased to find CV input on the Korg Volca Modular, opening the door for connecting it to a full modular rig. The CV-In jack receives a TRS mini stereo jack for inputting two signals. The left channels support a +/-5-volt signal, while the right channel accepts a 1-volt/oct signal (internally converted to pitch CV). Each of these signals can be further patched to specific modules on the Volca Modular.

Advanced sequencer playback modes

The Korg Volca Modular is equipped with the classic Volca sequencer, with a couple of new play modes serving up big creative potential. Bounce mode alternates between playing your sequence forward and backward, also known as round-trip sequencing. Stochastic mode gradually progresses through your sequence while randomly moving forward and backward within the sequence. And with various scales, keys, and even micro tuning at your command, plus sequence randomization capabilities, you could spend months exploring all that the Volca Modular has to offer.


Very nice; I always wonder if there’s any possibility of the SQ-1 firmware being updated - with something
like a stochastic mode would be cool.