Korg Volca Modular


not jacks, just bare wires.


It wouldn’t have been half as interesting with just a handful of patch points. I think the tiny connectors are a necessary evil here. Plus it’s not like it’s unprecedented - see Bastl etc


I dont like the sound and even the whole machine. These tiny cable shoes are frustrating to patch…better get real modules :wink:
The look is based on buchla modular but thats all. For me it would be waste of money for a toy…
I would prefer the Volcas :wink:


at Behringers release rate it would be another 5 years until they get to a synthi.


I’m pissed it doesn’t have full size keys, completely unusable


I guess the choice of dupont style prototyping pin headers is dictated by the form factor, there is no way that 50 patch points would fit using 3.5mm sockets, I think that in use the dupont type cables can be a bit fiddly, but they get the job done, just remember to bring your :eyeglasses: :wink:

It isn’t too difficult to interface 3.5mm with dupont as long as there is a common ground connection (the audio or regular CV ground on the volca will be sufficient) and for interfacing with things like Werkstatt, Bastl, Olegtron and other patch header gear it is quite fun.

I imagine that my Bastl Bitranger, SoftPop and this new volca will make a jolly cacophony :lab_coat:


Oh you… :rofl:


Midi bi-atch! :rofl:


Definitely impressed by the sound, but not really my cup of tea. But if I had to, I’d go for this over the volca drum


hello - talk to me …


I’ll mod this to use 6,3mm cables.


Would be super helpful. I’d like to use my MOTU with Volta or Silent Way to open up the modulation possibilities. Are you thinking separate patch box? I could just get by with a handful of 6.3mm to Dupont cables, I suppose.


It was actually a bit of a joke, but with patchbay it would be most feasible! :slight_smile:


aha! now I am caught up!

I’ll just have my assistant do the patching. :cool:


Whoa sweet! Breadboard! That being said, I wonder if I could make a Arduino/Raspberry Pi project out of this


So you would like to make a Volta Volca Modular Mod? :smiley:


0-coast in volca format (battery power, speaker, sequencer, cheap, fun, etc…)? I love it.

plus it’s adorable.





I’m hoping so! :slight_smile:


From where?