Korg Volca Modular


Thought volca was a thing of the past…this is kinda cool!!


no ground with these wires… not sure how you could connect external/euro stuff.


see a similar situation with the killpatrick phenol:

" WARNING: PHENOL must be grounded to the other system at ALL TIMES when banana cables are connected between the systems. Always install the ground cable first and remove it last."


Ha, I was going to say that they cheated by adding a bunch of reverb, but then I saw at the end that it’s got a built-in verb. Looks very cool, but I’ll stick with my 0-coast.


These look like standard breadboard connectors/jumper wires. You can build your own breakout board for probably less than one euro. As always, be aware of the voltages when cross patching two different systems. And yes, you need to provide the ground wire.


Use your soldering iron! :slight_smile:


That’s quite a spec list for the price / size.


Not the only way … (e.g.)


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3? I would prefered more electribe updates (at least one!), last was in 2016 and still with lots of issues and problems…). I sold mine long time ago.

Well, back to Volca:
I’m not into modular stuff but this seems really nice and fun to learn modular synthesis basics. I love that it has a randomize section.


Apparently this is not possible, the internal system runs on a different voltage to modulars. You can only use the CV in


At that price point and considering that I hated the previous Volcas‘ UI, I think I‘d rather use VCVRack to scratch my modular itches if I had any. I know, apples and oranges, but still…


This, a Kastl, a SoftPop and a BitRanger would make for a fun and easily transportable live setup, maybe with a Thyme thrown in for good measure, all running through a Volca Mixer.


I wonder will the volca modulars voltage be axoloti friendly?

Axoloti GPIO direct connect to volca cv?


Well to be fair, it will be possible, you’ll just have to attenuate (or (unlikely) boost), but this will make e.g. accurate pitch tracking tricky (although this is catered for on device) but it’ll be fine for general modulation - maybe the outputs will be less practical to quickly adopt if the voltage is low


Music Easel vibes in a Volca format?!!? Volca Synthi AKS vibes next please korg :joy:

Interested to hear more sounds from this.


Volca SEMImodular to be nitpicky :wink:


I know your distaste for Behringer but supposedly they have a synthi in the works. I’m not sure i can stick to my politics for that one…


:popcorn: and :champagne:

Very excite!


Apples and apples imo. Volca modular looks cool though, first one I’ve been interested in honestly. Except volca sample but I’ve already got samplers up to my neck

@xidnpnlss Oof is nothing sacred? Still I would def pick one up, call me what you will


Interesting concept but is it just me or are the mini jacks the biggest design fail ever?

Very hard to integrate with other modular stuff and I guess it will be super fiddly and unfun to patch with those tiny cables :confused:

and 50 patchpoints on such a small device is super excessive…I#d rather take a few that play well with other modular gear