Korg Volca Drum


That’s the thing about the Volca line, they’re at a price point where it’s not a high stakes gamble either way, but if you do decide to keep it and accept them for what they are, there’s plenty of fun to be had.


So have I and its entirely down to you because if you didnt post i wouldnt have realised I can preorder lol

There really isnt much that can do this kinda stuff. It sounds really thin to me but its better to find out than write it off.


Yes. Pan control in menu though


I hope the random button is midi cc’able. would be super fun for auto sampling


Wow great idea, can imagine having a tons of fun with that + OT probability. If it turns out to be possible I’ll surely buy this.


This is wrong thinking. Most gear can be sold easily.


especially the volcas.


Yeah, I was thinking that it might be a fun for sitting on the couch and coming up with backing rhythms.

I really like my PO32, but 4-note polyphony is a bit limiting and the real power comes from importing new sounds via the Microtonic software. The Korg looks like it could solve the polyphony problem and be a bit more immediate in terms of drum sculpting in the box. My interest level has gone up but I definitely want to try it out before buying one. If I like it I might consider selling my PO32 (particularly since I’ll still have Microtonic in the DAW). I do want to see what gets announced at NAMM though before I make any decisions.


Partly, in some places, though the most SOPHIE-esque version of this is actually time modulating a flanger FX machine rather than the delay. Sounds a bit more synthetic and less twangy (?).


Interesting but really thin pressureless tincan sounds. I prefer uTonic.

Hey Elektron, will you please get in touch with Magnus and his brother and put a proper Digitakt box around uTonic?

I guess, i have no other choice and start my Tonic-Pack for the Digitakt.


Come to think of it the randomize drum and randomize pattern function on the Volca Drum seems like a rudimentary version of the web generator for Microtonic. It could yield some good results.


It really doesnt sound very good does it? Ive ordered one despite the sound because i just really want the functionality. Sounds very snappy at least (as it should)


Probably going to be a good source of toppy/blippy/random rhythmic sequences that augment the main rhythm pattern.


Yeah def not first chair percussion.


I wanna get one too but then I look at my ipad and all the cool noise making apps I have already. I am just going to be sampling it anyway with my digitakt. Maybe I’ll grab one when they start showing up used.


I pulled out my PO32 after reading this thread and even though it has had only light use over the past year, it has already stopped working (bad battery connection). I’m gonna try to get it fixed, but I think my experiment with the PO series is over. Maybe I’ll pick one of these up after all. Whatever complaint one might have about the Volca series, build quality is not one.


Think again. Who said the Volcas could not be sold easily? Not me. I’ve sold a few myself and they all went to happy homes.


Anything can sound good when ran through the right effects such as distortions, delays, reverbs, etc. it’s more about how creative and inspiring the box is.

I can see this box will be fun for a little while


Im not saying the Volcas cant be resold. Im saying pretty much you can recoup a lot of your money back on most gear in the first year of its life. So expensive gear isnt a gamble either, which is what you said is.


Nope. Try again. But this time without twisting words to fit your own narrative. Good day to you, sir!