Korg Volca Drum


I know his might be a stu[id question, but what is a wave guide in this sense? I know what a wave guide is on a speaker. Is it just an envelope?


Oh, it’s a resonator for physical modeling? 6 parts? Damn…


Tempting isn’t it ? :smiley:

Total no brainer for me.


Yeah, a waveguide is a structure that guides waves - that’s the most basic definition.

Waveguide Synthesis is the type of physical modeling synthesis used in Yamaha stuff, and of course Korg got some.


Thank you


I think the marketing copy is somewhat misleading. According to the manual it appears to have only one sequencer but with six parts. That said, the active steps (step length) can be edited for each part in order to create polyrhythms.


The (retired) Make Noise Mysteron was where I first heard about waveguides. I always wanted that module but could never quite commit to it. I feel that way about a lot of Eurorack - yeah, there’s some synthesis forms not usually found elsewhere for that price, but then you need a bunch of other elements to really make them usable.

I think that’s why I’m so excited about today’s Volcas: they bring the more interesting things from both analog and digital synthesis typically seen primarily in Eurorack or software (or in the OP-1) into fun and complete little hardware packages.


Well said.


Yeah, the wording on the official site is noticeably different than Sweetwater’s on that point.


Same. I’ve tried different routes to give my AR some digital flavor but nothing has worked out amazingly. This might be the trick.


Waveguide, comb filter, karplus strong and some other physical modelling methods are all pretty conceptually similar in that they are based around digital delay with tuned feedback and filters in either input to delay, output from delay or both.

Quite a few older digital delays especially higher end stuff could do this kind of thing, the Symetrix 606 delay was a notable example, you can often find them used for quite reasonable prices esp wrt to what they cost new.


It was your ‘karplus strong on Monomachine’ video that turned me on to the power of tuned delay feedback. Now I can’t get enough of it.


Ha, I totally forgot about that video, but glad you enjoyed it. :thup:


It looks fantastic! I agree with the above that it appears to be a bit of a “Machinedrum-lite” in some ways. As someone with an MD, I’m having trouble justifying the purchase, but it would be an instabuy otherwise. (It’s also got a ton the MD doesn’t: probability per step, waveguide, etc).

karplus strong on Monomachine

This is that distinctive sound SOPHIE always ends up with, right? I wonder if the Volca can achieve it easily.


if the fabled digiMD or malekko mrD don’t make an appearance at namm I shall get a ticket on the volcadrum pre-order train for sure.
holding out till then :sweat_smile:


Stereo out?


Only thing I’d say that’s stopping me from snagging one of these is max for live and all the new drum modules. So flexible with lfos and shaper. I’ve been building a lot of filler tracks with that stuff lately. Still, this thing has dual layers and knobs! Can’t beat knobs. Knobs always win. :rofl:


Battery power too!

Knobs on the train to the plane to Spain, in the rain!


You can now get all 7 volcas for less than £1000(buying the 5 volca bundle deal). Thats a lot of fun!


I don’t think I have ever preordered anything but definitely feeling this, esp. with an OT.