Korg Volca Drum


I also had a battery issue with my P.O. 33 and it might not be the same issue but it was an easy 10 sec fix. I bent the two prongs that touch the positive and negative sides of the battery towards each other to clamp on the batteries much tighter and it worked. :+1:


Gamble.Take risky action in the hope of a desired result.

You said it not me dude. Lol.

Which(sensible) equipment is a high stakes gamble that you wont get most of your money back in comparison to the Volcas?


I watched the cuckoo video again now with the knowledge that ive ordered one and could not be happier. 150 quid brand new! I dont understand how anybody could be on the fence when there is just an unbelievable amount of scope in this machine. You could never run out ideas!


I think you’re reading in between the lines when nothing is there to read.
All he’s saying is the Volca’s are not a high risk. That’s it.
That doesn’t mean he thinks all other gear IS high risk.
This discussion is about Volca’s…
I think his opinion is simple… buying a Volca is a win win!! :blush:

Yea I should stay out of it. I like debating tho :sunglasses:
I have a lot of gear that I will lose a lot of money when I sell them. That’s fact. It’s always a gamble when it comes to actually making money off gear. The cheaper the gear is there’s clearly less of a gamble. Less money, less gamble. Of course there are other factors (availability, how popular it is, are they still being made, ect, ect, ect)


Gone off this a bit after watching the cuckoo video. The resonator is essentially just a master delay, with send from each voice, and the synthesis is pretty basic. Editing looks pretty annoying as well. Will be interesting to hear what people do with it once it’s out in the wild.


And cheap stuff = more potential buyers


You may not get filthy rich selling your used Volcas, but I don’t think there will be a shortage of potential buyers - it’s not like you’re going to be donating Volcas (unless you really want to donate - nothing wrong with that!).

When I brought some gear to a local gear swap, the two Volcas I wanted to sell were the first to go.


Let’s say you buy something new and want to sell it later on. It happens. If you sell it for, say, 20% off the new price, you will get ‘most of your money’ back because yes, it is true, you get to keep 80% of what you paid. Bravo. We have a winner and a star mathlete!

The ‘risk’ in all of this is when you buy something for, say, $5000. That may not be ‘sensible’ for certain gentle readers, but it’s a fact that some pro equipment really does cost that kind of money.

20% of $5000 is… $1000. That to me is real money. And I have experienced such a loss. A number of times. But those were the risks I took when I bought things that I later decided weren’t right for me. It happens, and hopefully we live and learn.

However, in the case of the Volca Drum, 20% off $150 is (you guessed it)… only $30, which to me, is very low risk no matter which way you look at it. It’s not even worthy of debate.

But I don’t really need to explain any of this to you because you already know these buying/selling basics. :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree!! :slightly_smiling_face:


That makes more sense. The ‘High Risk gamble’ though you’ve still left attenuated. If a person is able to afford more expensive equipment it is not a gamble. If a person who cannot afford more expensive equipment buys more expensive equipment they cant afford then that is stupidity not gambling. I’ll leave it at that. Bye now.


That makes sense, I gotcha :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, I sold the Volcas I didn’t want for $75 each. Could I have invested more time into haggling to get a few dollars more? Sure, but I just wanted to get them into the hands of peeps who could use them, and get a little something in return.

I know some people consider resale value before buying anything but I’m not one of them. Can I use it to make music or not is my consideration.


I’ve bought all of my Volcas I’ve own to date used, and I sold them all for nearly the same price. Here in Japan at least they lose about 30% of their value but then stay at that price. Basically, if you buy used at a decent price you can get most of your money back if you sell them. The Kick was the exception. I don’t think it was that popular initially and it tends to command a higher price on the used market.


Good points, one way I look at it is losing 30% or thereabouts is that it is a bit of a bitter pill, but at least I got to try the thing out, and hiring it would probably have cost about the same or more. Most of the time though I return it in the 30 day refund window, although this isn’t always possible/applicable/practical.


My feelings and strategy exactly. The bitterest pill (Paul Weller voice) I’ve had to swallow was with the STS Serge Modular. Then again, how else would I’ve been able to experience such a rarefied thing in depth? It was almost worth it, or at least it felt that way at the time. But as I said, we live and learn.

Speaking of which, I want to see the MIDI implementation chart before I order another volca.


Guys, do yourself a favour and wait at least until Superbooth 2019. I am feeling it in my urine that Elektron is coming out with something then…


stop playing with your fluids




I’ll drop my interest in the Volca Drum if the new Elektron is also battery powered (without need of external battery pack - I’ve seen that argument before!) and small.


Ill drop my interest in the elekteon machine you forsee in your piss if i can remotely afford it