Korg Volca Drum



Interesting sounds and they added rolls to the sequencer by the looks of it.


Can’t wait to use this with my OT! 3 lfo’s, arp, jeez.


Oooh, this sounds GREAT! I haven’t been interested to any Volcas before, but this could be my first one!


This is extremely cool. I wonder if it’ll respond to program changes? That was my big gripe with the FM. Even if not, I’ll still probably grab one as DT food. Love the sound of that synthesised digital percussion - this seems to hit the same sonic sweet spot as the Nord Drum 2.


Also interesting


I defo heard some Nord-esque noises in that Reverb demo…



Will there be a snare mod feature?


I was quite interested in this before hearing it, now I’m not so sure, I’ll almost certainly get one to try but the demos so far don’t excite me too much, the waveguide thing doesn’t really seem to sound much different than any other, I’d hoped for more parameters there, tube and string is kind of meh to me, but I guess playing with it will reveal more.

I wasn’t blown away by the Volca kick from it’s demos and held off from getting one, I never bothered trying one as everything I heard since from it sounded very samey, I think that this new Drum though should have a bit more scope, I think it will probably be more interesting as a sound source controlled via midi than from the internal sequencing.

Still, nice to see something a little different in the Volca range.


This looks interesting as I love drum machines. I’ll play around with one at the shop when they arrive and see if it’s something I might use to feed the Digitakt.


looks quite versatile and rich in sound, but i’m curious, how many outputs it’s gonna have (yes, i know, it’s this “hipster-question” that always pops up…).

i can imagine that it could pair very well with my OT and my Nord Drum 2, so also quite curious about the MIDI-CC’s it provides :slight_smile:

the tiny screen is a big turnoff though…

but if rumours are becoming true and a new MD will be released…:heart_eyes:


I had one and sold it. I was seriously worried about damaging my hearing using it with headphones.


Korg out here killin it.


which rumours?


the rumors of the rumors-thread :joy:

so basically people making predictions that are not oficially confirmed…


Sounds like it needs an elektron Heat to warm it up … or maybe just my YouTube does.

Might be more interesting as a quasi MI Rings-ified compact synth sample source than for its drum timbres…




An officially confirmed prediction is no longer a prediction :grin:


i wanted to like it but I’m just not that impressed. And I love the Volcas in general


I can see myself using the randomiser extensively and sampling into the Rytm…


Agree, drum synths being strongarmed into doing melody always sounds really cool. See also: Kawai XD-5