Korg Volca Drum


How’s the noise level on this one? Not a dealbreaker, just curious from a technical perspective.


That is all kinds of excellent. Got a sort of Phoenecia vibe going on in that video. I approve of that whole heartedly!!


How in the world do you do split channel in the Rec+Power On? This manual is the worst. “Consult your local Korg distributor for more information on MIDI implementation.” :man_shrugging:t5:


Func+ON usually gets you into the global settings.


Thx for answering but in global there’s no split channel/single channel toggle.


Not a problem, I hoped you were just mixed up but then read the manual after posting (silly billy) then realised. Apologies. I also saw the Midi chart concerning split channel, dubious and enigmatic! I’m going to buy a VD when I get paid so have been researching. My OT is hungry.


Yeah I was showing my friend and he said, “That’s Digitakt Food”.


They don’t make it straightforward, but the dots can be connected between the Single-Channel MIDI Implementation Chart and the Owner’s Manual:

This is an alternate implementation which can be selected by setting a specific MIDI channel.
The factory default implementation, split channels, can be reverted to by deselecting the MIDI channel.


Setting the MIDI channel

  1. While holding down the REC button, turn the volca drum on.
  2. Step buttons 1 to 16 correspond to the MIDI channels 1 to 16. Press the button that corresponds to the desired channel, and the LED below the step button will light up.


From what i’ve read the VD is relatively simplistic/shallow per voice but Korg have structured this as a groove box that doesn’t need much depth?

Still like that but for (electron) sampling machine owners I’d love to see a volca that is single voice, no sequencer and is just all the goodies korg can imagine as a single voice imagination box.

Ultimately the biggest sure market are people who own gear already and, apart from proper musicians, the market is always looking to make a new sound, be it bass, lead, ambient, percussion, drum …

So I’d like a Volca Voice : loads of tiny knobs, no sequencer, but accepts midi … as a palette of broad scope. A little box you can twiddle to make a core sound on for whatever you like. Essentially a multi talented single voice synth with everything and more that the volca range has so far introduced


Ok I tried this last night I get “MID 1—6” on the screen.
If I press say “1” it will say MID ch01" if I press “1” again it goes back to “MID 1—6” but when I hook up the DT I still can’t control individual layers like cc17 cc18 for independent levels.
Just trying to be detailed to see what I’m missing here. Thx!


The Volca you are describing, I would call a Volcalogue, a Volca form factor and simplified Minilouge.



I’m assuming you’ve set the DT’s MIDI Out to the corresponding channel of the V. Drum part you want to control. Outside of that, I can only think of one thing:

There’s a note at the bottom of both MIDI Implementation charts, explaining that all of the CC parameters are only “Received when global parameter MIDI RX ShortMessage is set to ON.”

The default MIDI RX ShortMessage setting is ON, but maybe it got turned off on your unit somehow?

To check it, turn the V. Drum on while holding FUNC, and then press Step 7 to select the MIDI RX ShortMessage parameter. The display will show MST on or MST off.

If it’s off, press Step 7 to change the setting, and then press REC to save the change.


Imma look into it. thx!


Got a Volca Drum recently. Not sure how some features are supposed to work with so little to go on, but the documentation is in multiple languages, ensuring puzzled owners internationally.

Set the Volca Drum to single MIDI channel and played around some in this first week, setting the program and modulating CC with Digitone.

There is a problem with it listening for notes on any channel. Per someone elsewhere, this can be fixed in future firmware, but that problem could be a deal breaker for someone not interested in working around that.


The 1-6 lights up all 6 just leave it like that and it’s in split mode. Means one THROUGH six. Took me like tooooo long to figure out too. No worries though. You probably already figured it out. I haven’t had enough time with this thing. Having to work so I can eat and have a house and buy gear. There is SUPPOSED to be this thing called “work / life balance” but it’s total B.S.


If anyone is interested I’ve created an FLStudio template with most of the Midi controls represented. Its in split mode so all 6 parts are tweakable and the Wave Guide portion (which is the fun part to play with) has automation tracks. I grouped the tracks so use the channel display filter to go from part 1 through 6. Its way easier to dial in the sounds this way and once they are dialed in you can save your kit.

The idea was to be able to dial in the sweet spots and create the kit. Then later on I will create a template project on the Digitakt that maps the CCs I want and then be able to use the Lock Trigs / LFO / Parameter Locks / Conditional Locks / Other things I cant think of at the moment :grimacing: to get that wacky balls to the wall stuff. Its gonna be fun, and I like to share fun things. So if you have a Korg Volca Drum + FLStudio then give it a go! I’m sure someone will eventually do something similar with Ableton Live if it hasn’t been done already.


The fiddly part is the src, mod & env selection. I had a go at creating a Control Surface, but couldn’t easily figure out a way to create a control that could select envelope types. If anyone has ideas feel free to add to it. Cycling through, I think its 27 possible combinations of source, mod and envelope type with one knob is not super easy. It is what it is, but 3 button presses would be faster and more better :smiley:



so, what’s the verdict on this one? This thread, along with the volca modular seem quiet and I don’t see many jams popping around. Is it intuitive as a jamming box or it’s more sound design-y oriented?

I’m kind of tempted but I wouldn’t bear hunching over this crappy screen and changing pages with parameters. Also this wave guide circuit sounds like a one-trick pony “signature sound” which is not very pleasant at least from what I’ve heard so far. Does everything sound the same through it, no matter what sounds you have dialed in or it’s more responsive depending on the input?



I haven’t had much time since I got it to spend with it (or on any music), but for me the tone is great. Wave guide is really just an oddball delay on a send, but the dual layers of the straight tones has a wide range. Randomizing the sound is a great to kick out all manner of noises. Great as start spots to tweak. Seq is like all volcas limited by nature. But I am pairing with Octatrack, so as a sound source to seq and sample, I am very pleased. Killed my urge to track down a Nord Drum2

Edit: I do want to setup a Beatstep program to be able to bang out beats and tweak on full size knobs.


I think it’s a really great drum synth. The waveglide is a bit gimmicky but has enough tweakability to get useful settings out of it. The sounds are a bit samey for the size its the deepest drum machine u can get. I really wish the was a way to record automation while chaining patterns, but hey the are always limitations. Also wishing there was a lo pass filter for each sound (or global even), but extra gear can be used for that.

I’m using it alongside a modded monotribe and po-33 for a battery powered drum rig