Korg Volca Drum


Please just let it be better than the Volca Sample implementation.


Oh yeah, absolutely. That was where I was coming from too but I’m pretty confident that it will be quite the different experience and then with some of the other sound shaping features it’s a got a distinct vibe. Anyway, that is shonky justification.

Yeah, again I’m in complete agreement with you here. I think as a whole the Volca range has more depth and clever ideas across it than a lot of people give them credit for. I wouldn’t want to only rely on them but they can definitely add a lot to whatever I’m doing. Certainly they always seem a better bargain than the forthcoming orange slab from they who shan’t be mentioned.


better bargain than the forthcoming orange slab

–surely you are not referring to the Behringer Crave


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meaning copy? …apologize didn’t get that expression:)


Apologies, I guess that’s a very regional turn of phrase. It means “you caught me there” like in old British films and tv programmes of the 70s the criminal would say, often in a London accent, “it’s a fair cop guv’” when caught by the Police to say that they were owning up.



but still surprised… “B” has been in the forefront of democratization the niche market of the semi-modular gears with the rather decent Model and neutron…if i were into the acid sound I would gladly get my hand on the C or the aforementioned gears.
I am also an owner and admirer of the ambitious Volca line with the exception of Kick and the new release. I like and use often FM ( not so recently but will do once i download more batches), Sample and Key


Well, I can see the appeal of the Behringer semi-modulars that have been released so far though they don’t appeal to me personally - I don’t think they quite exist in the same bracket as the Volcas and the Crave.

But to expand on my comment as to why Volcas are more appealing than the Crave and I think it comes down to tonal flexibility. Sure, the Crave has the patchbay which opens up a number of timbres but you’re never getting too far from it’s core sound of a single osc and filter. So, again, I can see the appeal for some people. But for me every comparable Volca has more interesting features - the 3 osc’s on the Bass and I have a soft-spot for it’s filter. The Keys has the interesting voice modes like Polyringmod and such like and the delay is grimey as get out and really works for me. I don’t think the FM is so comparable but never the less a great unit and it’s very easy to get from pretty cheesey 80s classic FM timbres to mental AE or Monolake tones just by motion sequencing the various mod and carriers knobs and (especially) the algorithim selector…

Anyway… I fear I’ve strayed quite far from the topic here…


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I agree.


Randomization stuff!


Ha, I literally just logged in to post the same video. This thing has some range that’s for sure. If anything, you’ll be able to get some great sample material out of it.


Any thoughts on how well this would pair with a Digitone?


I don’t think the midi chart is available yet, so I’m not sure what all you’ll be able to control if you sequence it from the DN. Also, I guess it will come down to if you like the sounds.

I’m not feeling it as much as I had hoped, but there aren’t that many videos out yet…


Just to expand on these comments to say that from what I’ve seen the sequencer on the Volca Drum seems to be one of the most developed of the Volca range and it’s pretty much getting into Elektron-lite territory in a lot ways what with it have parameter locks and step probability.

I’m keen to see the MIDI chart too but it wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me. Certainly, if you like the sound I can see it being a really nice companion for the DN.

My interest levels are bubbling away at “still pretty keen, but need to see more demos”.


The retailer I pre-ordered from said end of March. Waaaaaah.


Some more videos popping up.


https://www.reddit.com/r/volcas/comments/axirly/comment/ei1mldm suggests that you’ll be able to choose between 1 or 6 channels, once a bug is fixed.


Got mine today, here are my first impressions.

It looks really nice, like the colour scheme and the display, the milled out detail on the panel is nice too.

The preset patterns and sounds without any exceptions are patently terrible, Korg should really hire some better people to do these as they all sound very knocky, hard, and basically unpleasant - like the worst of the 90’s cheeeezy rave or modern naff “EDM” sounds that you’d skip past, and no smooth or softer sounds at all. It seems like it is trying to hard to sound ‘ard, probably to impress but failing epically. The kicks all have too much sweep, the snares and hihats sound tinny and harsh and the rest are pretty much unusable crap as well :rofl: I get that this is down to preferences but seriously did every pattern and kit need to sound basically like the worst of the 90’s or “EDM bro”

I have no interest in using presets and thankfully they are all easily deleted (though the memory still remains :joy: ) but I prefer to hear a little bit of variety that showcase a bit of what is possible.

Rant over, the editing is quite ok, the knobs are a little close together and a bit stiffer to turn than other Volcas, the parameter ranges are a little odd, some have limited range, some have not fine enough precision, but overall not too bad. I was pleased to find out that it is capable of more useful and subtle sounds, it can do passable early analog drum machine type sounds, and typical Kraftwerk type electro percussion and what not, in a lot of ways it reminds me of the Korg ER-1 but a little more parameters and of course no samples for hats and clap.

Sound quality seems pretty good, sequencing is typical Volca aside from the few updates, you can chain all 16 patterns if you want. One other thing that bugged me was calling patterns “programs” I thought when saving a program I’d be saving the pattern and the sounds, but nope it only saves the pattern - so why not call it pattern then?

The “manual” is the crappy tracing paper thin, 1 square meter multi folded, multi language, tiny print, scant on detail, single sheet rubbish we have come to expect of Korg, waste of paper and I’d prefer they didn’t bother. Just put a link to a proper pdf manual and midi implementation chart.

So far I quite like it, only had about 20 minutes on it but if I come across anything else of note I’ll post more.


I just checked the Korg website again, but I still haven’t found the MIDI implementation chart.