Korg Volca Drum


I’m so curious about the MIDI implementation chart… I think that most the power of this little machine, especially for someone who has an Elektron gear, depends on on that little pdf.
when the duck they will upload it? :smiley:


Are you referring to the 1.30 update that had to add/fix Step Editing? Because that would have been incredibly frustrating to have experienced, especially given how long Korg can take sometimes.


I’m kind of lukewarm about this at the moment. It makes me realize that what I really want is an updated Machinedrum. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m think that instead of getting this I should probably just sample Microtonic into my DT and then resample to free up tracks as necessary.


All the NAMM videos I heard had very flabby weak kicks but the SoundCloud demos perked my ears up, it actually has supringly great bass


Having looked at Korgs excuse for a manual it seems there is quite a bit of scope for interesting sounds on the Volca Drum, most of the demos seem to have lots of wavefolding, bit crush, distortion and of course the modelled delay in copious amonuts (the Korg UK rep seemed to gloss completely over the synthesis in awe of the delay) so I think that once actual users get hold of it without having everything dialled up to the max, it should be capable of some nice smoother sounds as well as the obvious harsh digital stuff. In that sense I tend to view it like a baby MD from a different Mother :wink:

When mine arrives I’ll wipe out all the factory stuff before doing anything then probably try to make some drones and acid with it :joy:


I can’t remember the update number. It was late 2014/early 2015. I got an acknowledgment that it was missing and they were working on it almost straight away and the fix followed soon after.


Yep. That’s the issue I was reading about. Glad they fixed it quickly. Here’s hoping the Bolca Drum won’t have issues like that.

Sorry for the digression, everyone.

Is my Volca Drum here yet?


Yeah, I agree. I was dragging it for not having much punch in the kick department, and while I still haven’t heard a really great kick from it, it definitely has more low end than it seemed from the early YouTube demos. The “Machine” demo thumps especially.


My thoughts exactly. Until there is DigiMD or MicroTonic in a box, I’m not even going to bother. Sampling MT into the DT is as close as we can get right now.


I agree wholeheartedly with these sentiments… plus, I also found that when I was watching Cuckoo’s megatutorial that he would often scan right past some really nice sounds that I would want to explore further. Especially with all the parameter locking along with it’s performability. I think I mentioned earlier in the thread that if the sub-menu parameters like wavefolding, bitcrushing etc can also be plocked for more subtle or targeted use that I think it’ll be one of the best value drum machines around and a future classic… at least in my house.

I really enjoyed the Perfect Circuit video that @Bwax linked earlier in the thread too… not mad about the kick in that one but the rest of pattern and tweaking were like classic early Soul Oddity/Phoenecia stuff. Which makes me smile.


Can someone please buy my PO-12 so I can order this box-o-trix?



Was told mine might be shipping in about a month, according to what Korg told retailer.

Edit: maybe Korg is finishing the MIDI implementation. Ha!


That would be ironic, considering that delay lines are the building blocks of digital waveguide synthesis.


It doesn’t sound bad here. It might pair nice with a Digitakt. This guy in Japan plans to upload a video a day to show it off. He basically said in another video that he is hoping it will be like Microtonic-in-a-box.


The Karplus is strong with this one.


I’m not sure that this demo shows off what it’s capable of, and I understand there’s more videos to come, but listening to this I can’t help but hear it as a Korg ER-1 in a box.


MicroTonic more Punch/FM it has.


I totally get that vibe too… and even tho my first gen ER-1 is kicking about in a drawer in the spare room I’m still feeling the urge for this. I think that video has too much of a “just switched it on for the first time and I’m no sure what I’m doing” vibe but there’s enough we snippets of interest to keep me interested and I’ll be sure to keep an eye on his channel for the next wee while.


Yeah, the guy wrote in Japanese that he was just showing the presets since he just got it.


I think the Volca Drum sounds like a lot of fun. I also don’t believe I may have expressed my thoughts as intended when I mentioned the Korg ER-1. I didn’t want to draw a comparison/rate features of other gear (most glitchy, more punchy, etc.) as notice a shared connection in their sonic character.

I want to play with the sequencer on the Volca Drum and may eventually get around to ordering one. I’m waiting on the upcoming MIDI implementation chart. Until then I remain hopeful within reason based on playing previous Volcas.