Korg Selling Off Synths ( OPSIX, Drumlogue, etc ) Discontinued?

A place to discuss information about the Korg sell offs, and closely related topics.

Let’s relieve the regular OPSIX, SQ-64, Modwave, Wavestate threads.


My friend talked me out of buying one, for all the right reasons, then he bought one but said I could borrow it long-term. I am cautiously excited.

The end.

Edit: and this sequence of events has curiously coincided with me selling essentially all my hardware to focus on Maschine, Komplete Kontrol S49, Chase Bliss Mood and Blooper, and a child size Fender Strat. :smiley:


That was quite the story packed into two sentences there. Drama, escalation, and final thoughts/ending. Bravo! Great story!


Is this the thread where people might or might not beat up the raspberry pi foundation in an alley with variable lighting?


Welcome! You’ve come to right place.


So i used the word “selloff” in the title, with the implication of the OPSIX, at least in its present form, being drawn to conclusion. I am not 100% certain that is true ( maybe 98% :thinking: ) and that can certainly be discussed here.

Also up for discussion, whether the OPSIX is dropped, or Is replaced with a OPSIX Mk2, or even a Mk1.5. The 1.5 version might be a work alike based on some other electronic hardware.

I could see a company like Korg, deciding to be straight up with customers, and just making a clean break, hence a selloff.

And heck there are all sorts of open topics with this, like the Raspberry Pi Compute Module.

So bring it on.

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An idea that crossed my mind was Korg “simply” (ha) retooling the OpSix keyboards to be modules and selling them as limited editions if they could make the chassis look nice. :slight_smile:


I considered OPSIX as irrelevant to me when announced. Then the big sale happened so I had to check out what all the fuss is about - crappy build quality but it makes amazing sounds and very cutting edge tones. I missed the big sale. I think these will be the 303’s of the future, not sure why but I just have a hunch as these were only produced for a very limited amount of time.


There is still plenty of opportunity now, to buy in, if you feel this way.

We can certainly speculate on used prices too.


I kinda think used prices will drop in the short term, but on the other hand, if it’s truly discontinued, they could start to increase to around the price of what they were before. I think it might take a while to exceed the original price though, especially considering the plugin exists.


I’m going to be moving in a couple months and I’ve packed up everything I have the box for including my Opsix. So I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to play along with the people jumping on the Ops train :disappointed_relieved:

I hope everyone that got one feels the same way about it that I do. And maybe Korg will have a reason to continue developing them(just like they have with the Wavedrum :grinning:))


That’s a fun thought. I wonder how many people picked up cheap 303s at the end of the production run, as sellers sold them to get rid of inventory

The Medeli PolyTouch keybed has the extra dimension of MIDI OFF Velocity, which as best as i have been able to determine the Fatar keybed does not. Not an enormous difference, but nice when you apply it to things after the note is released like filters and reverb. I am sure it could be applied to a synth engine like the OPSIX.

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if anyone wants to get rid of their cheap opsix and is willing to ship to germany, hit me up :stuck_out_tongue:

i actually wanted one for a long time, but a rack version - so i held back …

eventually i thought i’ll multisample the sounds anyway, so it doesnt matter…


I think this a great idea. It was in the back of my head but it hadn’t quite crystallized until you posted this.

They have the three excellent code bases, all written for similar platforms, and all worked over again to port to plugins. Put enough compute horse power behind it, with multi-timbrality, and a polished physical interface and you’ve really got something. And that eases the parts shortage, if this is an issue as it seems to be.

Korg currently sells the Waldorf Iridium, Iridium Keys, and Quantum, for Waldorf in the USA. ThIs Triumvirate product would be right in the same competitive area, along with the new AKAI MPC Key 61. I think it could fit into Korg’s product line filling in an area and appealing to those for whom the Nautilus doesn’t quite fit.

And add a poly-aftertouch keyboard in with that too.

Total pie in the sky thinking here.


The question with the combined keyboard. Would it be multi-timbral?

1 track per engine? Switch tracks for a fresh sequencer?

I’m basically on par with MnM mk3 dreaming, and I know how silly that is


already have a Digitone Keys so, other than two extra operators, didn’t feel like this really made sense even at the fire sale price. if there were a multitimbral version that essentially got me to the four-tracks of a Digitone, that might be another matter.


bought a minilogue xd. didn’t really feel the keys at all. hard pass for this format just for tweakability.
edit: but this is the one i would buy of “the series” :smiley:

They could call it…the Korg Trinity. Oh, wait. :smiley:


I ordered a digitone for the second time a day before the sale hit. If the Opsix sale had extended its welcoming arms to Canada, I might’ve quite possibly cancelled my order and went that route. Feeling a bit grateful that it wasn’t accessible to me in this instance because DN arrived and it is just such an epic piece of kit. I will never sell you again, sweet sweet digitone.

Def intrigued by the Opsix though…hope to take it for a spin someday.