Korg Prologue 8/16 Voice Analog Poly Synth


Probably. I‘m already sick of it and I did actually like the series and the theme. I guess it’s like „smoke on the water“ someone who he’s never touched a instrument can play it.The strangerthings is basically just a simple arp that goes up and down, something most synths can do.


me too


Which is funny, because the filters on the DN and the DT sound like they’ve been modelled to sound warm and analogue. :slight_smile:


Have you tried Repro-5? Sure, you don’t get the physical control, but damn does it sound lovely and damn does is respond nicely to velocity and aftertouch…


love how plenty of people moaning about a single LFO & limited mod destinations are living in a world where a s/h Juno 60 is now
going for £1400 ,because err, vintage. :slight_smile: Don’t get me wrong - the Ju-60 is great, but : single DCO, single LFO… hardly a sound
designers dream.

But - here’s the thing - the Juno is classic instrument : you dial up a new patch in minutes, it sounds great, you record it, you get stuff done.

I think Korg have decided to make an instrument here. I don’t think I’ll be buying a Prologue, but I’ve heard some great stuff on the demos…
Sometimes simplicity is the key. You don’t get saxophone players wanting the damn things to be re-invented with more features every year do you ?

There’s a lot to be said about a great instrument, rather than a super-deep programming rabbit-hole machine. Both have their place.


I have not. I like the immediate contact with the instrument without computers attached to it.

Having said that, I’m re-evaluating a few things right now, since I’ve recently got a steady, paying gig for music making and have to stop being theoretical about gear and workflow, and get straight to the point of being practical.

So I might just check this out. Thanks for the advise, it’s much appreciated.


That’s the intention? I don’t think they’re coming close. And I think that’s a good thing. The Digitakt in particular has a great character to it, much of it from the filters, but the bitrate reduction and the overdrive add a lot to it, too. In fact, this combination is what makes it so interesting. As I record Moog stuff into the Digitakt, it warps the Sub37 into new territories that work so well with the original sound source, a place it could never reach, but also a place the Digitakt couldn’t take it to, if it wasn’t there in the first place.


It’s what it sounds like to me. Sure, it doesn’t have a classic Moogish ladder or liquid Rolandesque character, but it’s also not as unabashedly digital as the filter in a D-50, the Microwave II, or most 90s samplers.


Very true. The old Electribes comes to mind. They had a lot going for them. Their filters weren’t it, though.


Hey there, really glad I read up a bit on this first. I got bitten with the initial demos for the Korg P, now reading this there appears to be more on offer for the price.

Now my question: opportunity for DSI Mono Evolver 2nd hand, or buy new rev 2 dsi 8 voice?

Guess I am weighing up old versus new - mono versus poly. Have the AK so guess got all the quirky I need too.


I would say, both of the DSI synths are very versatile. Now it’s about the sounds you are after.

The Prologue and the Rev2 deliver standard poly sounds, for sure. The Prologue might be on the experimental side additionally, if this particular open source “multi-engine” proves to be useful. Both are bitimbral and equally useful for live performance. The Rev 2 has more modulation options. Prices are similar …

For designing sounds this “multi-engine” of the Prologue might be as interesting as the modulation options of the Rev2.

A very “modern” and flexible engine is available in the Prophet 12. Those 4 oscillators deliver a beefy sound …


most of what I heard coming out of a Mono or Poly Evolver sounded amazing…
Most interesting DSI for me


If you’re shopping in the used market, you might as well look for a Poly Evolver too instead of just the Mono. I was quite impressed with the sound and responsiveness. As for the REV2, try before you buy - some people hate the filter, so make sure you love it. :wink:

I agree w/ Jukka that the Prologue is basically an extension of the Minilogue design, hence the single LFO and whatever. As such, it’s a bit overpriced - the gap between the 8-voice and the Minilogue is a bit too big - will probably be a better bargain once prices start to drop.


A truly magnificent instrument if 49 keys is acceptable. Would be the last piece of gear I sell if I ever lose the farm.


I think the biggest failure of the Prologue is that Korg announced it too soon. With so little done on the digital side no one can even tell what this synth is capable of. Essentially NO User voices are present to be heard. (The only User Voice there is, is a place holder demo Wave that’s not [imo] any good.) That’s where the advanced modulation in the Prologue will eventually be.

The VPM voices are good, you get a short taste of this in a section of Loopop’s video. So the Prologue has FM from it’s analog side and FM from it’s digital side. FM x 2.

This is a 17 processor sound machine! Many digital synths do polyphony with one processor. But with this one you can barely explore the sound from any of those 17 yet.

Releasing a product unfinished, can be its killer, regardless of what that product is eventually capable of.


I would save my money and buy a Prophet 12.
That’s an absolute beast.
Another, much better option in the same price bracket is the Novation Peak, but no keyboard obviously.
These are both awesome hybrids and are extremely versatile with their extensive modulation matrix’s
DSI Rev2 has the same great mod matrix, but is only analog unfortunately. Wouldn’t buy it for this reason, but would still buy it over the Prologue any day of the week.


Ta appreciate your advice amigo. Looking at some video’s on the desktop P12 - any thoughts? The key version is way above my budget plus i get impulsive so kinda want new poly like yesterday lol.


You looking at hybrids only, or for analog polysynths? Looking at digital polys too?


Initially the prologue caught my interest. since reading some of this - the hybrid route looks like a contender. best of both worlds i guess. loving the peak demos / p12 stuff on you tube . and now thinking desktop as happy to use AK for keys.


If you don’t need the keys then a Peak could be a great option.
Wavetables, FM between all oscillators as well as multimode analog filter with great filter FM.
Probably best reverb I’ve heard on a hardware synth. Great interface.
Prophet 12 is more powerful again, though the desktop doesn’t have the same knobby interface as key version or the Peak. Supposed to still be really user friendly though. The 4 OP linear FM update a while back makes it too hard to resist.
I have a Peak, but am going to buy the Prophet 12 module as well at some point