Korg Prologue 8/16 Voice Analog Poly Synth


I guess in the same way that the Roland JD-XA is a ‘flagship’ – it’s called that too.

Actually for considering the Prologue, it’s worth bringing in the JD-XA at $1800 to the comparison – both digital analog polysynth hybrids.


Loopop has done a more in depth video from NAMM:


Oh man just watched this, and I’m sorry but this synth is an absolute joke.
Modulation is even less than what I thought.
One lfo with only 3 waveforms, routable to only 3 destinations.
I mean WTF? Absolutely ridiculous.
The digital oscillator, apart from a few user waves, gives us nothing new over their previous VA’s
At the price they are asking, I honestly think they will struggle to sell any of these at all.
You would be crazy to buy this over anything else in this price bracket
I predict these will be had second hand shortly at half the asking price.
I would choose my Korg Z1 I had in the 90’s over this for sure. Check the specs and sound and I think you’ll agree. Epic fail I’m afraid


you can’t be serious. They will sell tons of those. It’s korg…
Enough people don’t care about the number of lfo’s


So when are you buying one :joy:


It’ll be interesting to see what else comes in this space. There’s definitely a trend of revival in polys these days, which can only be good.

I still think Moog is releasing one in Feb. At a much higher price point than the Korg thats for sure…

I too really don’t like Beringer for the same reasons… i have to say their model D clone sounds really good though.


Wouldn’t call the Proloque a joke, but yes, you are right, the DSI Rev2 has much more modulation options. This is, why I still keep my Prophet 8.

IMO not everybody is an experienced or avid soud designer. The Proloque seems to generate many useful classic pad sounds or tones. Could it be that this is exactly, what the average keyboarder is looking for?

Let’s not forget, such a treasured synth like the Jupiter 8 had also one LFO and two envelopes only :wink:


Like I said earlier, IMO a synth is only as good as its modulation.
Basically I want options to be able to fuck up the sound as much as possible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Get the Quantum, which seems to be exactly what you want, many LFOs, envelopes, a large modulation matrix … and those interesting new granular and resonator sound engines :wink:


No FM apparently :thinking:
Lost interest when I read that a while back


Ever checked out the PreenFM 2?

6 operators, each with a ADSR having a value AND a time parameter, which is great to generate interesting modulations. Not mutlistage, but a little like it. It’s complex enough to have even small amounts of change generate very different tones.

BTW … sometimes it might be better to have an optimized synth for each synth-concept rather a huge monster having it all pressed together in one instrument. I had the Quantum last year top of my shopping list, but Waldorf did not deliver in autumn and not in December, so I consider to get something like the GR-1 for granular synthesis rather the Quantum itself.


Yes nearly bought a Preen a while back, glad I didn’t as I would definitely prefer Digitone now.
Not as powerful, but better interface from what I can tell.
I tend to use software for all advanced FM duties these days, oh and a Nord Modular, and shit almost forgot Eurorack system


That is true, if I work with my Preen FM, I should know, what I am up to. This interface is way better then on a DX7, but it’s a bit too much of menu clicking for experimenting with FM. But over time I have developed some muscle memory :wink:


I kind of think that this whole resurrection of analog instruments has peaked now.

For the classic super synth, go with Prophet 6 or OB-6. For all the features that modern technology can offer, go with the Rev2, Prophet12 or Analog Keys. You wanna go full mono? Hit the Sub37.

And all kinds of options in between, around and beyond these just offered. We have choice. We don’t need more. We’re done in this segment.

If it’s one thing I like about the Digitone, it’s that it just goes shamelessly for the metal, almost like a statement in itself - enough. There are so many great analog options out there now. It’s time to bring on the digital now.


True, there are not enough digital synths with new ideas in the wild. Well, let’s wait what the Quantum and the GR-1 have under the hood, but there is more potential for new ideas, for sure. Even the Quantum does not come with “new” stuff, like the wavetable-synthesis, when introduced by W. Palm in the late 70ties.

But I think, there is more headroom in the analogue department. Prophet 6 or OB-6 are expensive, compared to what folks like Behringer can do. It could be that others follow. There is no need to built through the hole soldered boards. SMD can give us better technology, quality, and less cost. I expect the peak could be, if we see synths like a CS-80, a Matrix-12 or similar complex analogue synths for 1k to 2k EUR.


I wonder if everyone at NAMM got sick and tired of that little warble on the first day. It seems to be the default for synths now, the way that something like "Smoke on The Water " was(is?) in guitar shops.


Good hybrids are the best design imo.
Advanced digital oscillators with all the madness that only digital can provide, combined with the magic of analog filters, vca’s etc. can’t be beaten imo


Never. I share your opinion about the synth :wink:


some lovely presets shown via promo vids for the Prologue, although if i had to choose compared to the Deepmind 12, not quite sure, maybe the DM as the modulation matrix seems way cool, and the custom chord voicings assignable to single keys would be very useful to me. All hypothetical anyway as i am not buying anything for a while.

purchased the Jomox mBase 11 a few months ago, still have yet to integrate this into the setup. And the learning journey of truly, seamlessly, easily using the Octatrack has only just been partially completed after months of daily use.


True, good point, top quality analog synthesis is still beyond many musician’s financial reach (including my own).

Since I first played a Prophet 6 two years ago or so, I’ve felt that this is the one for me, if I ever could afford it. I’m playing a Sub37 now and as mono synths go, I wouldn’t want anything else.

But I do miss polyphony, and the lovely, dreamy tones of the Prophet that just takes me elsewhere, both as a keyboard player and just as someone who enjoys music on its own.