Knobcon 2022

Knobcon will be in Chicago soon !

The show is September 9th to the 11th.

Not a gigantic show, perhaps it makes up for size with new stuff it shows. It’s at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Schaumburg Illinois, outside of Chicago. It is an important enough show for there to be many new product reveals, and lots of interesting interviews and announcements.

Yes Elektron will be there !

You can see a list of exhibitors at the Knobcon web-site :

This is the place ASM has done all their new product unveils. They will be there again this year.

Other big names include Sequential/Oberheim, Novation, and Polyend.

Thread for last years show.

EDIT : Changed an inadvertent reference.


One day I want to make either Knobcon or the other big modular fest.

Lol too soon


A growing list of things to watch for at Knobcon :

All day Saturday, is going to be a VJ Seminar downstairs. Very sparce details so far. Here’s a video done in 2017 by VJ Seminar organizer Andrew Zeuske.

There are no details yet on all who will be giving presentations at the VJ Seminar, but i think it likely that someone from Entropy & Sons will be part of that. They are also at Knobcon showing their new video synthesizer, the Positronic Recursion Studio. I posted about that in the NAMM 2022 thread.

Ultraviolet Music Synthesizers will be showing off their new product Sea of Wonder. This is a multi-timbral polyphonic, GPU based soft synth, likely someday to have a custom controller, that includes control knobs with a color link to various parameters shown on the screen, as well as a host of CV inputs and outputs. Expecting this product to be in an early somewhat raw form => web-site. GPU based audio generation is a new trend likely to show some real potential in the next few years.

WMD will be at the show, their swan song, showing off three new products and saying goodbye as they close up shop toward the end of this year. Read more in Elektronaut’s WMD grief thread.

Trovarsi is going to be at the show. Not sure if this will include her giving a performance, likely so. But she has done stuff with ASM before, and they’ll be there too. Glen Darcey, has said very little on any new products from ASM, except that they do have plans for something someday.

Tony Stuart of Wildwood Soundworks is working on a tiny, portable, sequencer synth, called the MM-9. It’s too early to get much detail on this. Here’s the web-site. You might find some similarity with the MM-9 to the new new Nunomo Quantize Mk2. See this Elektronauts thread though they are not at the show.

Additionally you’ll find plenty of Eurorack developers showing their wares at Knobcon.


So here’s two more big ones, and a fun idea.

First one is a scoop for this thread.

Artisan Electronic Instruments is releasing their Nucleus Eurorack analog-hybrid East/West coast mono synth at Knobcon.

And they are announcing a new product the illiad, a four voice keyboard synth.

And they are showing the Polygon a polysynth that uses the technology they have developed with the Nucleus. See the pictures at their web-site.

Artisan had tried to fund the Nucleus a while back, and the project failed at the crowdfunding stage. Nice to see they just kept going. There is a Elektronaut thread for this as well.

The second is another company that just sticks to it.


They sell an instrument, the ET-5 with a historic influence of the Ondes Martenot and the Electro-Theremin. Will be fun to see what Therevox has going with it now at Knobcon.

I did a thread on Therevox and the ET-5 product.

And the fun idea, is just an idea, who knows ? This is in the category of a return.

One of the exhibitors at Knobcon is a slash combinations of two companies. Sequential/Oberheim !! They certainly can show off the OB-X8 ( thread ).

But what if there was another return ? With Sequential’s manufacturing muscle, and perhaps a little engineering it might be possible to make a few more of the TVS-PRO. ( thread ).

Just me speculating.

Artisan Nucleus


FWIW, Schaumburg is around an hour to an hour and a half by car from downtown Chicago. Source: for a while, I was going to the Schaumburg IKEA weekly to pick up stuff for my new place.

If you are flying in, absolutely do not stay in the city - you will hate the commute back and forth. Book a night or two in the city at the end or beginning of your trip if you want to do some sightseeing.

I will probably not attend due to COVID caution. I’ve read too many reports of people going to conferences with good masks on and coming back positive.


I’m not a “real” New Yorker, but I did spend four years on the 'Jersey side of the Hudson while attending college. I found the process of turning a relatively small tragedy into an absolutely massive one via the GWoT disheartening and ghoulish. I’m ready for 9/11 jokes now.

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Only two weeks to wait for Knobcon.

A couple more new things that we may see in addition to the other stuff i mentioned in my last post :

PWM, the maker of the Malevolent will be there, and i fully expect to see a prototype of their “Creature” synth, DCO duophonic analog synth, with a more completed set of patches. Likely they will be attaching a real name to that product. Will they also be giving any hints of the “third” synth they mentioned at Superbooth ? Hopefully too the Eurorack attachment for the Malevolent, is also about ready to ship.

Analogue Solutions will be there with a Colossus in tow. My guess is that is the Colossus Double. They’ve mentioned a replacement product someday for their Generator sequencer, and they recently discontinued their Vostok so maybe there will be something new. ( Both products are still available from retailers. )

Some of the bigger names at the show :

1010 Music, Analogue Solutions, Ashun Sound Machines, Black Corporation, Buchla USA, Conductive Labs, Dreadbox, Elektron, Five 12, FutureRetro, Hammond USA, IK Multimedia, Isla Instruments, Modal Electronics, Noise Engineering, Novation, Polyend, PWM, Sequential/Oberheim, WMD.

Notable to me that both FutureRetro and WMD are both scheduled to exhibit. A show like this might be useful for the industry contact at least, if either company was interested.

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Anyone going to the show? Spoke recently to Buchla and major things being announced. Im going to be digging into the wallet for sure.

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I’m going–it should be a great show this year. Pre-pandemic I went regularly and always had a good time. Will be playing a quad set on Sat afternoon in the Slate room, so stop by and say hi. Trovarsi and Alex will be playing a set together–should be amazing.


Cheers. Im hoping to make it. Good luck with that gig, ill look out for you.:sunglasses:


I’ll make sure to stop by!

FYI if anyone hasn’t booked a hotel room yet, they ran out of the main block of rooms, but you can still call to reserve something for only slightly more (as I did yesterday).

Last year was my first Knobcon, and I didn’t know what to expect. It was actually smaller than I had imagined, but it was the perfect size! I’m used to massive conventions where there’s no way you’ll even see half of what’s there, and you end up exhausted at the end of the day. Knobcon, by virtue of being in the more niche world of synthesizers, all fits neatly in a mid-size convention hotel and has much more of a community feel to it.

There’s plenty to see, but you can take it all in without feeling overwhelmed. You can take your time chilling out to a modular performance or playing with a Jupiter-4 at the Syntaur booth without worrying about a hundred other things you’re missing out on. If you’re on the fence about attending, I highly recommend it!


One week one day left.

Definitely looking for a few good announcements maybe a day or two before the show, so on the 7th or the 8th. Not sure what they’ll be. It’s not going to be as big as before the other monster shows but there will be a few really good announcements, as there are so many good companies exhibiting, and this being the most important show around at this time of the year.

Syntaur isn’t on the list of exhibitors. They were there last year. Maybe try the Synth City booth, ( they are a show sponsor ) and they are bringing a Colossus to the show, hopefully for fingers on stuff. Analogue Solutions maker of the Colossus is also there.

With a similar name and at the show is Synthstrom Audible. I missed them in my list above.

Another sponsor of Knobcon, is a company not very familiar to me, Detachment 3, of Poulsbo, WA. They make a sequencer Archangel, that has been around for thirteen years, so maybe something new from them. Detachment 3 also has a an engineering service division, that will design and manufacture electronic hardware for others. They did the Vector Sequencer hardware for Five 12 who is also at the show.



Synthstrom will be there and are claiming they’ll be demoing some new features that they’ve never talked about before from upcoming firmware updates.


Any speculation on what ASM might be doing? And vague social media posts about something new? I seem to remember @Jukka saying each of their last visits unveiled a new product.

Edit: it’s in this very thread. Fingers crossed for something as comprehensive as Hydrasynth

Yeah i posted this. Also i dreamt up some possible Hydrasynth things ASM might do, over in that thread as well.

No real strong clues about this. Glen has said they are working on something, but not what. Also he is scheduled to give a presentation on using the Hydrasynth the end of October at Synthplex.


A drums / percussion companion would be :exploding_head:

You don’t happen to remember if ASM ever did teasers before the other releases, do you? Or was it just BOOM, we’ve got this synth?

Hi Peter, thank you for writing in.

Sorry we did not get back to you quickly, we are currently moving buildings.

The Music Easel is indeed in development and on its way! We are hoping to launch the Music Easel, Lem 218, and 218 module alongside the program manager within the coming months.

A prototype Music Easel will be shown at the Knobcon show in Chicago, IL in 2 weeks as well.

Please stay tuned, we hope to launch before the end of 2022


This. Glen is very definite on this. He has no use for teases and pre-announcements ! He even was almost apologetic for the time between the first announcement and ship, but it was unavoidable to get distribution channels set up.


That wait after the hydra reveal was quite long if I recall. Or maybe it just felt that way waiting for my preorder to arrive lol

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Seeing that Elektron are at knobcon. What are the chances a new product could be announced?? A flagship like one. Is it beyond the realms of impossibility? Theyve revealed products early so far but is this a chance. Or will it be just a yawnfest stand?(only kidding guys) :). Maybe more wishful thinking than anything else. But it is a show afterall with all the media and major players there.


i remember them saying they are releasing more than you’d ever imagine a few years back

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