KMI Softstep + RYTM start stop MIDI message

Hi, I’m trying to control the Rytm with the Keith McMillen Softstep.
I’m new at MIDI so please excuse me if my question is stupid.
I managed to program mutes on the Softstep and it works well, but I couldn’t find a way to start and stop the sequencer with the Softstep.
Transport receive is ON.
I would also like to jump to the next pattern with the Softstep.
Do anybody have a clue ?

i’ve no personal experience with it but if the pedal is capable of sending MIDI Start/Stop messages, then there shouldn’t be problems with that…

Thank you !
This is the Softstep software, am I doing the right thing ?

you’re welcome :relaxed:
mm…from the look of it, seems like the settings are ok
you could check which message the Softstep is sending out using a computer and a MIDI monitor to make sure it is effectively sending the right message (0xfa -> start)

Sorry, what is 0xfa ?
Also, I can choose ID number on the Softstep, which one is the Rytm’s ?

i should have probably been a bit more clear on this one, sorry

0xfa is the hexadecimal value for a MIDI start message, which belongs, together with few other messages, to ‘system real-time messages’. you could check if your device is sending such message using a software on your computer
looking at the ‘output settings’, i can see you’ve selected MMC and play (which is fine but has a different purpose), it means that the Softstep will send a MMC (MIDI machine control) message, which differs from the one above.
below the ‘output settings’ there’s another drop down menu for ‘message type’, are there other types you can select? if so, which one?

Thank you !
These are the message types the Softstep can send :
Note set
Note Live
Pitch bend

Softstep can’t send system real-time messages

did you find a solution to this? I was wondering the same thing. I want to press play with my feet while I am playing my bass.

Therefore SoftStep cannot control the start/stop of a sequencer like the AR.

Does anyone what the program change start message is for the AR? I want to start the sequencer on the AR from a Softstep.

I think Midi transport is what you are looking for. PC only changes patterns.

According to its manual the SoftStep does not send start/stop messages.

Didn’t find the section where it says you can’t send those messages. I probably overlooked it. Too bad.

I think Midi transport is what you are looking for. PC only changes patterns.

I was hoping a PC might also do the trick somehow. But I was wrong, as it turns out. What I was trying to do was press play on Ableton without the AR starting the sequencer, and then pressing play at a certain moment on the softstep and starting the AR sequencer.
Think I will try to find a way around this using a looper or something. As long as the looper is playing and Ableton is not, it won’t send transport messages. When I start overdub, the sequencer will launch. Not exactly what I was looking for but it might do the trick.

According to its manual the SoftStep does not send start/stop messages.

By the way: SoftStep does send start/stop messages. (command 2 on the screenshot)

That appears to be a MIDI Machine Control (MMC) message (for controlling tape machines and similar equipment) rather than a MIDI System Realtime message, which is what the AR’s sequencer requires.

Section 5.2 (page 60) of the SoftStep manual lists the types of messages that the SoftStep can send.

What you can always do of course is get a Midi Solutions Event Processor and map a Midi note to Transport Start. Not the cheapest solution but it will do the trick.

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Do you know if the KMI softstep 2 can do start/stop?

Hello! I am now hoping to find a foot controller that will send start/stop to the RYTM. Ive read this thread as well as an octatrack thread highlighting the use of a foot controller for the pickup machine approach Elektron Octatrack hands free sampling quick tip tutorial

@PeterHanes and @k7audio have stated that the RYTM transport responds to system realtime messages and it seems that the Logidy UMI3 does indeed have realtime message capability. Here’s a clip from the UMI3 manual:

So using the logidyUMI3 and a midi host, might this work for the RYTM?

Thanks! Sam


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